Alcampo buys part of the DIA supermarkets and seeks staff to work: how to send the CV

Alcampo, the French supermarket chain and belonging to the Auchan group, announced yesterday the takeover of 235 stores of the DIA chain. Thanks to this acquisition, the multinational of hypermarkets, gas stations and supermarkets will double its presence throughout Spain, with which it is looking for staff to work in Alcampo.

Sources close to this outlet reported that current DIA Group workers will not lose their jobs. Alcampo will train them and integrate them into its staff, where Spain has 21,000 workers in its workforce.

Alcampo will pay a total of 267 million euros for the acquisition of 235 stores located in the following provinces: Madrid, Aragon, Asturias, Castile and Leon, Galicia, Cantabria, Navarre and Basque Country.

The channel has not yet given details on how the change will take place and, above all, how the selection processes will take place.

How much Alcampo workers earn and working conditions

The salary of Alcampo workers is very varied and will depend on the position held in the company, age and seniority. The salary band for positions such as supermarket staff varies and moves between a salary range between 19,981 euros and approximately 23,226 euros per year.

journalism conducted an interview with the head of talent attraction and selection of the large supermarket and hypermarket company Alcampo, Elena Pérez Martínez. In this interview, Elena talks about the importance of senior talent, family reconciliation and rest, assuring that it was difficult to establish a salary range.

Regarding Alcampo’s work, they select different profiles for their job offers, beyond those called replenishment or cashier. Elena clarifies in the interview that the company has a training plan, which is why on many occasions they hire professionals without experience or carry out internship agreements with students in higher education, either in training professional or academic.

Among the positions to be filled in Alcampo, in addition to those already known, there are also specialists or counter professionals (fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, perfumeries, among others) and salespeople who advise customers on technological products, home and appliances. In addition, the company is constantly expanding and incorporates professionals in marketing, administration or management, among other sectors.

Throughout the interview, Elena also emphasizes the importance of making room for senior workerin accordance with the company’s diversity policy, which has protocols for hiring people at risk of exclusion.

How to send the CV to Alcampo

Currently the channel has 78 job offers who to send the resume to. To do so, interested persons should apply through the Alcampo web portal at this link. Once inside the site, all you have to do is search for the offers that interest you.

In the offer, you will be able to read the job description, the registration requirements and other related job offers. Click on “Register now”.

Next, the form must be filled in and at the end there will be a button, which, by clicking on it, will allow send the curriculum vitae to Alcampo. To finish, you need to review the data and click “Register now” again. By doing so, you will receive an email with proof that you have applied to work at Alcampo.

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