“A lot must be given for Lo Celso to arrive”

Start this Friday premier league. With the English teams still closed, there are players hoping to find a solution to their respective problems soon. Among the multitude of footballers in this situation, the name of Gio Lo Celso. A future that darkens again when it seemed there was already light at the end of the tunnel.

The English press confirmed the express intention of the Tottenham Hotspur looking for an immediate exit. Despite the 32 ‘kilos’ invested in ArgentinaLondoners want sell it and recover part of amount. But nothing is simple. All the more so if we are witnessing an operation as complex as that of the midfielder.

The team that is most interested in him is still Villarreal. A love treated for several weeks, but which continues to bear fruit for a purely economic issue. For the Yellow Submarine, it is difficult to achieve these claims. This is confirmed Fernando Roig NeguerolesClub CEO.

“Lo Celso belongs to a great club, at the contractual level it is very well valued. Last season he spent six months on loan here, but it depends on the changes. As a player we would like, and it is to our liking, but it is a more than difficult option and depends on many things. As a player we would like him to be here, because of his quality and the way he joined the team last year. But a lot has to be given and it’s difficult,” he said firstly on the possibilities of signing the Argentine again.

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