A convertible bus that will tour the province and a match against Qatar, the first acts of the centenary of Culture

Kick-off of the year of the centenary of culture.

The cultural and sports Leonesa kicks off the centenary year and hopes that the whole province will come together to celebrate a year “with many surprises”

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“It’s time to see the greatness of the club from our land.” The cultural and sporting Leonesa kicks off the centenary year and hopes that the whole province will come together to celebrate a historic moment.

365 days in which there will be “many surprises” that will be revealed in due course. Even if some of them have already revealed themselves this Friday, August 5, the day the club celebrates its 99th birthday.

Thus, during a press conference in which no one from the communication of the capital and the province was absent and where some fans also came, the president Felipe Llamazares, accompanied by Goyo Chamorro, organizer of the Centenary and Vicente Canuria, acting mayor, wanted to “thank all levels of the club for the organization and the atmosphere that exists, which will translate into the field”.

The official presentation against Qatar

On September 2, to commemorate and make the official presentation of the centenary team, a friendly match will be played against the Qatar team. Despite a busy schedule due to the start of the league, Cultural wanted to thank one of its main investors and, thus, they asked to play the days of August 25 and September 3 at home, postponing the latter to Sunday as late as possible to be able to give the best level in all its engagements.

And as part of the activities that are going to be carried out this year, the culture will visit the Vatican to see the Pope, they will also have a commemorative shield in the roundabout near the field, which has been donated by the town hall of León which ” he is totally involved in the acts of celebration”. A roundabout that will change its name to Antonio Amilivia, “the greatest president of Culture”. They will also have the presence of the former Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who will accompany them in certain acts.

A presentation in which Raúl “the only remaining Cultu player who played in the first division” was not absent, as well as Luis Ballesteros or Julio Rivo, who were responsible for blowing out the candles on the 99-year-old cake .

The year of the centenary of Culture begins.


The year of the centenary of Culture begins. /

lucia reno

throughout the province

The illusion of the centenary is to spread culturalism to every corner of the province of Leon. “May the centenary be celebrated throughout the province and may successes come soon, because things are going very well,” said Felipe Llamazares during the presentation.

For its part, the city council recalled that “there are 100 years of ups and downs accompanied by the fans” and insisted that “Leoneans are here because we have had good days and bad days. “. Vicente Canuria showed his emotion on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the club and assures that “it should be celebrated throughout the city”.

And in order to infect all of León, “from next week a convertible bus will tour the entire province to promote this game and the centenary,” said Llamazares.

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