A car brand makes a fool of itself by ordering 25 chip wafers

If a few days ago we were talking about the ridiculousness of Spain with a chipmaker like Intel and with two industry players like TSMC and Global Foundries, today it is the turn of an automotive brand which has been exposed in a way that is as stupid as it is absurd. Who, in good sense and as a car brand, goes to a manufacturer to ask 25 chip pads? Good …

The semiconductor crisis has not gone away and one could say that it is partly solved not by the capacities of the companies, but by the precipitous drop in demand that currently exists. The situation is not good, there is stock of almost everything today, you could say that there is overstock in many sectors of the industry and so what happened today in the automotive industry really deserves to be studied.

TSMC Receives Surreal Order: 25 Urgent Chip Wafers For Automaker

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If you like cars, are in the business or are looking for what to buy, you will have seen whether it is new or used, the price has increased enormously in just under a year. Part of the explanation is transportation, part of the strategy of building less and selling more, but there’s also the risk zone where fleas are in many cases a unicorn.

Well the CO-CEO of TSMC, Wei Zhejia revealed an anecdote in reference to being asked about the situation of his company. This hitherto hidden story recounts a surreal event about an automaker who, just before the shortage of chips for the industry, and thus its industry, personally hit Zhejia for a pressing need.

The call was urgent and what was transferred to the CO-CEO of TSMC was the need for support and assistance from him so that his company could send them 25 wafers with their respective chips to cover a specific demand. Zhejia’s answer was cool to say the least.

From the manufacture of thousands of wafers to the start of work, including a few

TSMC 5nm EUV - Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

Keep in mind that not every business can go to TSMC and hope that it will be taken care of, but if they do, the turnover of the Taiwanese is of such a caliber that it is only in samples for the future product that they have to sell thousands of wafers.

With that in mind, imagine Wei Zhejia’s face when he personally receives this call from the manufacturer, which he has not publicly named out of respect. The semiconductor mogul’s response was excellent, as he told the executive on the other end of the line that “It’s no wonder you don’t get help and support from us.”

The ridiculousness was massive TSMC solved the need for the executive and complied we understand that at an extortionate price to be something so small and custom but it all shows the level of work and volume which they support to supply much of the world with French fries. A more than curious anecdote, especially since, as the CEO of the company said, the automotive industry is not a priority in your salesNow we understand a little better why.

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