34 dead in three days

A pitcher of cold water. This is how this Friday the Covid mortality data notified by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairswho reports the death of 34 people in the province of Seville in the last four days the highest number of deaths so far this year.

In full decline of the pandemic, with data declining in a general way, and with the incidence already installed as the lowest in Andalusia and among the lowest in the country, the lethality of the virus does not forgive. The new lives SARS-CoV-2 has claimed in the past four days brings the total death toll from the pandemic to 3.210. They represent 1% of all infections reported since the start of the pandemic and 21.6% of all deaths recorded in the Andalusian community since March 2020.

For its part, since the last data update last Tuesday, they have been registered in the province 361 new positives in Covid-19 among people over 60, with whom the cumulative number of coronavirus cases in Seville amounts to 322,059 people. Thus, the cumulative incidence for this age group at 14 days, the only one officially measured from the call flu of the coronavirus, stands at 128.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, almost a hundred points below the Andalusian average which remains this Friday at 226 cases.

Despite the outrageous number of deaths, the drop in infections translates into an alleviation of the hospital situation. Although health warned this Friday 95 new entrants, the beds occupied by Covid patients in Seville hospitals remain at figures similar to those of recent days, with intensive care occupation at a minimum. Currently, in the province, there are 110 people admitted with coronavirus, three of whom are in intensive care and the rest, 107, on the ward.

Monkeypox continues to add cases and is already over 100

The Ministry of Health has reported nine new cases of monkey pox in the last three days, with which they are already counted 106 active confirmed cases in the province of Seville. The majority, according to the latest official information, have mild symptoms and remain isolated at home and are followed by primary care.

The protocol of the Ministry of Health classifies the cases between probable and suspect according to whether the patient meets the clinical criteria and the epidemiological criteria (probable cases) or if he presents only clinical criteria and in this case he is considered a case. suspicious.

In Andalusia, the total number of active infections is currently 356. They represent 22 more cases than on August 2. Málaga It is still the province with the highest number, 139 (six more than last Tuesday); followed by Seville, with 106 (nine more). Next, Cadiz, with 54 (five more); 21 in Cordoba; 16 in Granada (three less); 16 in Huelva (five more), two in Jaén (one less) and Almería amount to two cases, after being drawn in the last balance sheet. Across the Autonomous Community, 267 previously confirmed cases are already inactive. For their part, 90 others are currently being sought for symptoms compatible with the disease.

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