What mod would you do for your PC with $22,000? you gonna freak out with this one

We are saving our precious money to invest in that brand new PC that we want so badly. We choose the parts carefully, so that everything is compatible and gives us the best performance for the price. What if we had an “unlimited” budget? Well this was the idea of ​​a Chinese modder that I created a Against these PCs in the purified expenses $22,000.

We are worried that our motherboard is compatible with our heatsink and meanwhile, some modders in the PC world are handling projects worth tens of thousands of dollars. And it is that, many of them can afford it at the be promoted by the brands themselves who put a lot of the components into such projects. These, of course, are beyond the reach of the rest of mortals, both for the time invested in them and for their cost.

Chinese youtuber shows off his wall PC mod

Thus, we have a large modding project taking into account the modder’s own budget, COOLING BRO, is considered unlimited. Considering this, he was able to let his imagination run wild and create a great modding project that will undoubtedly catch the attention of many. So we end up with a computer completely exposed to be seen without a chassis between the two which deteriorates its visibility. In fact, it’s quite wall from the Youtuber. This arranged placed all the visible componentsmost impressive of all, how much his wiring.

And it is that, the only visible wiring, in fact, is that of the source itself, before passing it through the holes and redirecting it to the rear as if it were a chassis of pc. Thanks to this, none of these cables connected to the components will be visible. Rather, we observe an impressive system of pipes using the liquid cooling tubes with their fittings included. Thus, only the components that have passed through the water remain in view, RGB lights and envy towards how it’s good.

At a cost of $22,000, he used 6 heaters and 3 tanks

PC Modding Liquid Cooling Wall

As we can see, the Chinese modder not only made the PC Mod, but also designed the PC Mod itself. purified where everything was going to be united. In fact, it works the same way as the inside pc, where we connect everything and organize the wiring by passing it through strategically positioned holes. Additionally, he added some shelves where he places his favorite figurines and the box of the i9 used in the project.

As if that weren’t enough, since everything is liquid cooled, it took a total of six radiators and three liquid cooling reservoirs to keep all the components cool. That said, not everything is aesthetic and that’s it, it also has a Material at height. Therefore, we leave you with the complete specifications of what he used for this PC Mod on the wall:

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-12900KS
  • RAM: 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 a 6400MHz (2 x 16 GB)
  • SSD: 2x Samsung 980 PRO 1TB PCIe 4.0
  • GPUs: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming
  • Power source: Seasonic Prime TX-1600 1600W 80 Plus Titanium personalized
  • Fans: 12x Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB
  • Radiators: BRO+ Custom Water Cooling System Bit Power + EKWB

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