“We enjoyed seeing the team move”

Juan Carlos Carcedo attended the two Aragonese media moved to the Costa del Sol on the same lawn of the stadium. Satisfied. proud of theirs. His face was very different from that of 48 hours earlier, after coming across the Saudi from Al Nassr on a sullen afternoon. “We realized this time that we needed to be stronger. We enjoyed seeing the team moving, the attackers, all of them, because we managed to be a compact team. And, in the end, looking back, I think We had enough chances to win the game.”began his assessment, with that air of self-esteem well covered after the previous fiasco.

The Royal Zaragoza He was superior to Betis (5th in the first division last year) in many sections of the game. Carcedo detailed some why. “I want us to have the ball, to be able to keep the ball and to see and know when to attack. We did both things and that’s why I’m very satisfied today”, a- he continued with his hot analysis, on the grass of the City of Málaga.

The claw, the caste that the team is distilling in a few days when it returned very unfavorable markers, as happened this Wednesday against Betis, was another superlative element of evaluation. “As long as there is a game, there are possibilities. We have been talking about it for days. And this team shows that they have character, personality and that they want to go all the way,” said he pointed out.

Aside, due to the fact that Jair -like the first day in Marbella against Al Shabab- replayed the 90 minutes, Carcedo launched a nod to the offices concerning the central defense post. “There we are a little lame because of the configuration we have now in the squad. We have less chance of turning and I thought it was good that Jair took more minutes. is not bad and it’s normal,” said the Riojan.

It was the most demanding day of the pre-season and Real Zaragoza were retained. This is why the technician first came forward with this accent of joy than other times has been more neutral. “We would like the fans to always be proud of us. This team is going to do their best this year and connect with people. Hopefully we can achieve the success we seek,” he replied.

About the blocked exits of the remaining players on the team – half a dozen, at least – and the arrival of three or four signatures still in limboCarcedo spoke again. “There is still time. I have already said that I would like to have the model already configured, but it will come. I am calm. I am sure that everything will be done and someone else will come to help us”, l man from Logroño has concluded his appearance.

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