Vettel reveals Aston Martin’s weak point

Sebastien Vettel of Aston Martin

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    Aston Martin is one of three teams already thinking about the manufacture and design of the 2023 car. From their position, ninth in the championship, they see their chances of reaching a top 5 this season as remote. They continue to try to finish races in the points regularly. A year that did not start well for the English but during which they went from less to more. The objective is to finish the stage with Sebastian Vettel in the best possible way so that he helps them find their way to podiums or victories as soon as possible thanks to his experience. The German, unhappy with his team’s performance in this second season, reveals that they are failing in qualifying and that the one-lap pace penalizes them too much.

    You have to fix on Sunday what they lose on Saturday

    The Aston Martin in the race isn’t that it’s the fastest car, it’s not even in the top four, but it seems to have top performance. On the other hand, the situation is different on Saturday at one lap, where they do not find the speed to fight to enter Q2 constantly. Q3 is too far for them.

    According to Vettel, the main weak point of his car is the poor performance in qualifying and this puts them at a disadvantage having to return on Sunday. “Our weak point is our pace in qualifying. If we could rank higher, we could fight in the middle group of the race. I was happy with the speed of the car on Friday, but on Saturday things were still bad“, the German driver told

    In his final season in F1, Vettel has so far only scored points in five races: Emilia-Romagna, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Great Britain and Hungary, with sixth at the Baku track being his best result of the year. Add a total of 16 points and is 14th position in the World Championship. So for the remaining nine races, Vettel hopes the situation will be better and so he can say goodbye with a good taste in his mouth. “I look forward to the future. I will continue to push with all my might“, he concluded. A Vettel who will leave the AMR22 seat to Fernando Alonso in 2023.

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