Vélez beat Talleres 3-2 in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals

In the Stadium Jose Amalfitani, Vélez defeated Talleres de Córdoba 3-2 in the first leg of the quarter-finals. The goals were a header double by Lucas Johnson there Julien Fernandez for him Strongwhile Michael Santos there Rodrigue Garro marked for the T It was a game that opened at the end and had an electrifying pace in which three goals were scored in nine minutes.

Vélez starts better and from the locker room he takes the lead because after 5 minutes a good cross from Leonard Jara right and Lucas Johnson appeared inside the area, beat him in the jump to Gaston Benavidez and with a header he opened the scoring.

The key was in midfield where maximum perrone there Luca Orellano were the best interpreters of Vélez, while Walter Bou, Lucas Pratto and his Hansen they exerted pressure on the exit of the Cordovans, who were then able to disperse and approached the area of ​​Fortín. in this search Matias Godoy sought to generate the circuits and try to connect with the attackers Diego Valoyes (very fragile at first) and Federico Girotti.

At 26 minutes, Vélez suffered an important loss which was the midfielder Nicolas Garayalde, who was hit in the head and was half dazed. It was replaced by Santiago Caseres. It was later reported that Garayalde suffered a head injury without loss of consciousness.

Then the game became very frictional and there weren’t many arrivals. Vélez showed a slight superiority, but he also lacked depth.

At the end there was a good game of Perron who played for Lucas Orellano which allowed Walter Bouwho fell after contact with Lucas Suarez. Roldán did not impose a penalty, but received a call from VAR to analyze the game. After watching replays around 27 times and from three different angles, from the front camera, it was not clear if he s was a fault. While one of those with the back is noticed Suárez’s left foot reaches for the ball forward. The referee decided not to pick anything up and It was okay because although there was contact, it was not enough to be considered a foul.

It was an intense match at Liniers in which Vélez converted at the right times (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarian)
It was an intense match at Liniers in which Vélez converted at the right times (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarian)

Already in injury time, Hanson could have scored the second, but his header fell into the hands of Guido Herrera. At the start of the complement, the keeper of the J he came back to find another header attempt, this time from Pratto.

The game became more emotional and Talleres started to come to the Vélez pitch and little by little he generated arrivals. The clearest was with Valoyes, but the goalkeeper Lucas Hoyos the cry covered him.

The match went back and forth and in the next there was a good one against Vélez in which Janson had a one-on-one, although his definition hit the crossbar.

However, after 73 minutes the first goal formula was repeated and after a deflection Jara captured the ball on the right, sent in the cross and Janson headed in another header to widen the gap. With his doppelganger Janson has reached 7 goals in this tournament and is one of four goalscorers along with Brazilians Pedro del Flamengo and Rafael Navarro and Rony, both from Palmeiras..

In Vélez’s best moment, when it looked like the third was about to fall, the changes made by the Portuguese coach Pedro Caixinha His team liked them and after 81 minutes they got the discount with the intervention of three of the admitted. After a center Rodrigue Garro and after two consecutive headers, the first of Francois Pizzini and after Michael Santosthe first Cordovan goal has arrived.

Barely 4 minutes passed when the partial draw for the noodles came after a superb game of Matias Catalan who overflowed on the right, sent the center and received Garro who nailed it with his left foot in the corner.

The emotions continued and at 87 minutes Julien Fernandez scored the third for Strong who decorated the result. It was a victory for Vélez, but the series is open. This is why those led by alexander medina They will have to prepare for the clash on the outside.

The rematch will take place on Wednesday, August 10 at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Cordoba. The winner of this key will be measured in the next instance against the winner of the duel between Brazilians Flamengo and Corinthians. In the first leg, the Cariocas won 2-0 in São Paulo.


Velez Sarsfield: Lucas Hoyos; Leonardo Jara, Matías De los Santos, Valentin Gómez, Francisco Ortega; Nicolas Garayalde, Maximo Perrone; Luca Orellano, Walter Bou, Lucas Janson; and Lucas Pratt. DT: Alexander Medina.

Workshops: Guido Herrera; Gaston Benavidez, Matthias Catalan, Lucas Suarez, Enzo Diaz; Alan Franco, Rodrigo Villagra, Christian Oliva, Matthias Godoy; Diego Valoyes and Federico Girotti. DT: Pedro Caixinha.

Stadium : Joseph Amalfitani

Arbitrator: Wilmar Roldan (Colombia)

Television: Fox Sports

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