UWC Atlantic College sets a date for the start of its classes

June 17, 2022 was the last day of class for Eleanor of Bourbon (16 years old) in the UWC Atlantic College of Wales before his summer vacation. On this day, the heiress to the throne of Spain officially began her summer holidays and completes its first year of International Baccalaureate.

Once on Spanish soil, a frenetic summer begins for her, full of institutional events on her agenda, which begins in Gironaduring their first visit to the Dalí Museum, and continued their presence at the prizes Princess of Girona. She also attended her first feminist act with her sister Sofía, in addition to other family outings and the official pose in Palma de Mallorca.

Be that as it may, an intense summer period which, as just published on its website on UWC Atlantic College of Wales, is about to end. And it is that Leonor lives what will be one of your shortest vacation, because very quickly he has to pack his bags to return to the United Kingdom. will be the August 26 when second-year International Baccalaureate students begin classes.

Princess Leonor at the Princess of Girona awards, in July 2022.

Princess Leonor at the Princess of Girona awards, in July 2022.


Therefore, Eleanor will fly to Wales this year a few days earlier than last year and do so shortly after. private vacation which you will appreciate, as is the tradition of the Royal Family, after a few days at the Palacio de Marivent, in Majorca. Thus, according to the data provided by the institution, it will only be four days later, August 30when the center welcomes students from the first course, which Princess Leonor studied last year.

The UWC Atlantic College also advanced this Thursday, August 4, that the daughter of Joy (49) y Philip VI (54 years old) will benefit from a few days of academic rest next October. Specifically, it will be October 28, 2022 when the Princess and sister of the Infanta Sofia (15 years old), have free time, something usual in school study plans Welsh the one who goes

Regarding the last days of the royal family in Mallorca, this Thursday, August 4, the kings, without their daughters, will preside over the reception of the authorities with something new. And that’s it, while the rest of the years this act took place in the Palace of La Almudaina this time it is moved to the Palace of Marivent. It is the first time that the monarchs have opened this emblematic place to civil society as a new gesture by Felipe VI of transparency and openness of the monarchy.

Saturday, August 6, the King will only preside over the presentation of trophies for the sailing regatta which is celebrating its 40th edition. On Sunday 7, Felipe VI will attend the inauguration of the elected president, Gustavo Petro. In addition to the official agenda, It is not excluded to see the king and queen and their daughters enjoying other activities in Palma.

In 2021, for example, you could see them all together going out to dinner at a restaurant specializing in rice dishes. It is also common to see them walking the streets of the city, shopping or other types of cultural activities.

your special friend

Leonor de Borbón in an institutional act on July 4, 2022 in Barcelona.

Leonor de Borbón in an institutional act on July 4, 2022 in Barcelona.


It was last April 14 when Princess Leonor returned to Spain to enjoy her Spring Break – spring break – and brought someone special with him. During your stay at Prince’s Pavilionalready in the private sphere, the eldest daughter of the Kings went with her parents and her sister to the 70th birthday of her maternal grandmother, Dove Rocasolanowhich was held at the home of Thelma Ortiz (48).

in the photographs appeared the four main members of the royal family with a young unknown to the general public, black curly hair, who wore a UWC Atlantic College sweatshirt. In the image we can see that the new special friend of Leonor – some media claim that it’s his first love, her boy friend– The Château Saint-Donat is drawn.

For now, princess faces to the separation of this boy, for his special, while his summer days last in Spain. This difficult moment for which they surely already have a reunion plan hatched. as confirmed SPANISHhe is a young man with dual nationality, American and Brazilianwho studies in the same school as the princess, although in a higher class.

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