“Uncertainty is normal because rivals get stronger and you don’t”

Sergio González appeared at a press conference after the 1-4 defeat at the Carranza Trophy against Atlético Madrid. The technician was dissatisfied and made a point of pointing out that the Cadiz CF will be ready to play the first league game against Real Sociedad next Sunday.

“This is not the result we wanted for our debut in front of our fans. We have six major injuries and they made us think of another drawing. Today the line of 3 had different problems, we did not ask for the match well. It could have weighed us down. ANDIt’s a pre-season game, it’s not the result What we wanted and the important thing is when the league starts to improve and we have a lot of work to do. The team will compete again.”

On the situation experienced on the ground, he wanted respects the fans and showed uncertainty about the transfer market for his team. “to people you have to respect his opinion. I saw an atmosphere of pressure, logical in a game like today. We want to have the best footballers, they have given their opinion and we are clear about the means at our disposal. We all work hand in hand. The partners have to push and the board will surely try to bring in the best footballers. Uncertainty is normal because rivals get stronger and you don’t, but the president will do his job.”

Regarding the victory, he clarified that the team had no defensive problems and that the goals were the result of bad luck. “I don’t think there’s any fragility, the goals were a mix of everything. The third hurt us and the fourth came because of it. It’s a stick for presenting to your people, but we’re working on a good line and we’re going to improve it and hit the key.”

Regarding the differences with last season’s team, he said the team will be competitive and the players who come off the bench will give that motivation to others. “We have been training for two days, I cannot compare with last year. We adjust everything and the fat team. I liked the footballers who came off the bench, they brought things to the team”.

He also clarified that the the preparation has been changed because the world cup It takes place in the middle of the season. “During this last week we have increased the volume of training due to the World Cup. The objective is to be good on Sunday against Real Sociedad and these games are difficult, the result is the least”.

Regarding the presentation at the Trophy in front of his fans, he was enthusiastic, even if he did not achieve the expected result. “He is an illusion of being with your people, we wish we lifted the trophy, but we end up with this thorn. Although in recent years the trophy has not been won and we have managed to save ourselves. Hopefully the same this year.”

Saúl didn’t want to dwell on the goal with his hand and is focused on the next game on Saturday against Sevilla. “The referee acknowledged it had been a hand, but being suitable for VAR It can condition you. The game was a pre-season game of loading minutes, adding minutes, having a very strong rival and showing your best version. You have to accept it and don’t take any encouragement away. Now get ready for Saturday’s game with all my heart.”

showed his happiness for the way the signatures are going they arrived. “Zaldua will make us grow as a team and Mabil is impatient, excited and we have to adapt to the competition. We have to get a good level from him and he will surely help us”.

Finally, it was confirmed that Negredo and Alejo can reach the start of the league. “Negredo can qualify for the start of the league, Alejo too and Sobrino couldn’t tell you that. They are passing tests.”

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