This is how Zaragoza saw the birth of a star

“There is only one lit candle in the middle of the cake…”. This is how the song ‘The universe about me’ begins, one of the best known of the duo Amaralcomposed by the Zaragoises Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre. His singer now intends to blow more than one on the occasion of his birthday. And it is that this August 4 turns 50.

Eva Amaral grew up in the Casablanca district. “I remember very well the walks along the banks of the Imperial Canal and the children’s games”, said last October on the occasion of the “Aragón, much to say” gala organized by HERALDO. The Aragonese capital saw it grow, form (studied at the school of arts) and get started in the world of music. “His first foray was in the Bandera Blanca group, in 1991; there he played drums for six months, with Fernando Bastos (guitar and vocals), Antonio Martín (bassist) and Roberto ‘Gran Bob’ Artigas (guitar, member of Blues Whale and the Three North Americans, and owner of the popular bar Vinos Chueca de Casetas). She also worked at the Azul bar in Zaragoza as a waitress.” explains HERALDO journalist Pablo Ferrer.

“It was in 1992 that he met guitarist Juan Aguirre and they both formed Amaral; after five years of experience on the stages of Zaragoza, with frequent visits to Madrid, and having been present at emblematic parties (such as the “Rendezvous with Elvis” which brought her together with Bunbury on stage at CC Delicias in 1996) the duo decided to move to the Spanish capital in 1997 in an attempt to get their professional careers off the ground“, To add.

In 1998, HERALDO music critic Matías Uribe published an interview with the singeron the occasion of the release of his first album ‘Amaral’, which he titled “A Star is Born”. “In this case, there is little risk of error. And it is that with the delicious voice and the bouquet of songs that Zaragoza has brought together on his first album, it is difficult that something great does not happen in a few months or a little longer period, “has he wrote. This first LP contained 13 songs and had the theme “Rosita” as the first single.. “From then on, and although the sales of the first album were not spectacular, the project caught the attention of the industry and his own fellow musicianswho immediately appreciated the depth of the lyrics, the neat arrangements, Juan’s mastery on the guitar and Eva’s incredible voice, which continues to be a prodigy of power, range and tuning a quarter of a century later,” admits Ferrer.

On September 3, the public of Zaragoza will have the opportunity to listen live to the best songs of Eva and Juan at the lives latin, thereby filling the void left by Enrique Bunbury’s early retirement from the stage. The duo, who are devoting this year to the preparation of their new album, will offer their only concert of the year at the festival who is going to rebuild his city. “When the Festival asked us to participate, we didn’t think about it,” they acknowledged on social networks when announcing their participation.

Some curiosities of Amaral that you may not have known

  1. Eva’s passion for music is rooted in her family. His father, Isidro Amaral, played in the band of the General Military Academy.
  2. The famous ‘Marta, Sebas, Guille and the others‘, belonging to his album ‘Pájaros en la cabeza’, This is the duo’s song that has the most reproductions on Spotify. By the way, Marta, Sebas, Guille exist. The theme is dedicated to his friends from Zaragozaas the singer has explained on several occasions.
  3. Besides our country, the duo also enjoys great recognition outside our borders. It was their album ‘Estrella de Mar’, released in 2002, that gave them the leap to international fame. In June of that year they opened for Lenny Kravitz during his concert in Barcelona. Two years later, in the summer of 2004, the people of Zaragoza acted as opening act for Bob Dylan’s Spanish tour.

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