This is how you eat in Pique’s new restaurant at Port Aventura World

“The truth is that we haven’t seen much of Pique around here,” we are told at LaLiga TwentyNine’s, PortAventura World’s new restaurant which opened its doors a few months ago. In reality, the Barca footballer has only a small stake through his company Kosmos in this three-way project with LaLiga and the theme park. But, while it’s not technically Pique’s restaurant, it’s no secret that almost everyone will know it that way, and many will approach this sports bar attracted by that title. Including us, who were curious to discover it and see how it tastes.

Port Aventura World was the setting recently chosen by Spades and Ibai Llanos for the broadcast of the Copa América final. At the end of last year the theme park also hosted the final of the unique World Cup of balloons – the fact is that a balloon does not touch the ground and now it is something like a sport – organized by both.


The interior of the restaurant

Iker Moran

Of course, nothing is accidental in this flourishing sports business: the footballer played an important role in the negotiations between LaLiga and PortAventura for the creation of LaLiga Entertainment. Nail joint venture in which your business Cosmos It has become the third stage of an ambitious project that includes a long-term investment of 150 million euros, and even the opening of a theme park dedicated, of course, to football.

10 million euros

And the first 10 million were to open this LaLiga TwentyNine’s. It’s billed as “the world’s first LaLiga-themed restaurant” and the truth is that it’s halfway between a sports bar, a restaurant and a space for football lovers, with screens everywhere, Premier League jerseys, memorabilia… Comparing it to a Hard Rock Café is perhaps the quickest way to understand the concept, the international expansion plan and, to some extent, the menu as well.

It opened its doors last December – Piqué was not at the opening, we read – in a strategic location: next to the gate of the three parks that make up PortAventura World, but with access from the street. In other words, you don’t have to enter one of the parks to visit this restaurant, so the goal is not just to reach the complex’s more than 5 million annual visitors, but also those who are also in Salou, the second tourist destination city of Catalonia after Barcelona, ​​and fourth in the country.


The view of the screens from one of the tables

Iker Moran

And even if food always plays a secondary role in this type of place, the official presentation of the project promises “a gastronomic experience in an innovative space, where you can feel immersed in the world of LaLiga”. It’s not a place to go on a pilgrimage to eat – or pretend to be a food critic – but the objective is not to disappoint at the table.

Shrimp, hummus and ribs

The menu mixes predictable classics (nachos, hamburger – one of the dishes that stands out the most, as we see at the neighboring tables – club sandwich, onion rings, hot dogs…) with starters and main courses that seem to want to go one step further. little extra: beetroot hummus, a decent vegetable tempura served with two sauces, oriental prawn skewers (with wasabi mayonnaise), quinoa salad, chicken tabbouleh…

A little dry and with a soulless guacamole, the chicken tinga taquitos, the grilled vegetables – which few people will ask for, it’s true – can be improved, although it must be recognized that the romesco sauce livens it up, and the ribs are very tasty (tender ribs) which come with a small salad and fries.


One of the tacos in the restaurant

Iker Moran

The starters oscillate between 6 and 10 euros on average, the main ones around 15 euros on average and the desserts around 6, so you have to think of an average ticket around 25-30 euros per person, even if at the moment there are different discounts for Port Aventura World visitors.

Guiños Players

“On match days, there is a lot of atmosphere”, confides the friendly and efficient indoor team. It’s Monday in August at noon and the restaurant is quite full, with a very family atmosphere. Some kids are playing in the eSports area, with four PlayStation 5s installed. It is not the only nod to the world of players who, surely, will also bring here fans of Ibai Llanos, Pique’s partner in several projects, but not in this one.

The tables area for groups, for example, has gaming chairs, the kind that any self-respecting streamer has in their room accompanied by a few purple lights in the background. There are also normal tables, no panic, and a grandstand area designed for events.


The coast they serve

Iker Moran

That there is a children’s menu still seems customary to us – here and elsewhere – even if they could well include a seasonal fruit option in the desserts. Despite this, we threw ourselves headlong into the Chocolate Nutella Cake, which is exactly what it promises. After all, you come here to play, don’t you?

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