This is how Terelu Campos reacted when he learned that Pipi Estrada was the first contestant of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’

This Wednesday, as already announced by the Twitter account of nightmare in paradisenew reality by Telecinco Presented by Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera, its first official competitor has been announced. All eyes were on Save me, the place chosen to confirm its first farmer, in this case the journalist and contributor to Mediaset Pee Estrada.

However, all eyes were also on Terelu CamposPipi’s ex-girlfriend with whom he currently still has a significant financial debt after losing a libel suit. What would be your reaction when the journalist jumped for joy and was the most effusive? The answer: total indifference and a face that says it.

Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera will present

Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera will present “Nightmare in Paradise”

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In the final hours before the name was made public, some information surfaced that pointed to Pipi Estrada as the first official nominee of nightmare in paradise. Its confirmation only clarified that Mediaset is betting on controversial faces and that they are playing a role in a new contest that promises to delight viewers thanks to Carlos Sobera and Lara Álvarez, their hosts.

Pipi Estrada, first official competitor of

Pipi Estrada, first official competitor of “Nightmare in Paradise”

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Indeed, the presence of the sports journalist on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Save me This meant his reappearance on television on the Mediaset sets and his reunion with Terelu Campos, his ex-girlfriend, after years of not speaking to each other.

From now on, with this new professional challenge, Pipi will become one of the farmers of a reality whose protagonists must collaborate to move forward day by day in a rural environment, far from all kinds of comforts. It should be remembered that this is a version of the missing The farmaired years ago on Antena 3 and later on Telecinco.

Terelu Campos thinks about the participation of Pipi Estrada in 'Nightmare in Paradise'

Terelu Campos thinks about the participation of Pipi Estrada in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’

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To formalize Pipi Estrada’s foray into nightmare in paradise, Save me staged the moment on a farm with animals where the sportswriter appeared wearing a black suit that completely covered his entire body.

As soon as Pipi took off his mask and the identity of the first competitor could be known, he was euphoric and enthusiastic. So much so that the collaborator jumped a fence to meet goats who were there while Adela González, presenter of Save mehe yelled at her: “Pee, don’t hurt yourself first, please!”.

As the story unfolded, the image of Terelu Campos also appeared on screen, on the left side: the program wanted to capture her reaction to the precise moment the character took off the black mask she was wearing. As soon as it happened, the presenter kept her cool and never changed the sneer on her face. She remained unfazed while her ex-boyfriend brought the goat to life.

Seconds later, his girlfriend Adela asked him, “Terelu, are you happy?” To which the journalist responded with a punch: “I’m peeling it.”

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