these parasites modify the body to improve your reproductive success

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One particular study shows how exposure to a parasite can alter a person’s physical appearance.

to be infected by a parasite is generally not synonymous with chancenot good either Health. These beings have a negative impact in our body, but that also works against it, because if the host doesn’t look good, the chances of it mating and the parasite being able to move to another body are slim. Nail to research directed by Javier Borraz-Leonbelonging to the University of Turku in Finland, seems to have discovered that the Parasite T. gondiiresponsible for toxoplasmosis, could manipulate appearance of his Guest for this to happen more attractive and thus be able to increase the chances of being invited to join another organization.

Superposition of 10 images of women compared before and after infection with T. Gondii

Superposition of 10 images of women compared before and after infection with T. Gondii. Peer

Toxoplasmosis? Give me some please I have an important event and I need to be spectacular

Of course we are exaggerated conclusions of the investigation, but you will not tell me that it is curious to see how a parasite can affect our appearance. Javier Borráz-León assures that his to research have objectives main. On the one hand, compare traits associated with health and stamina of the parasite in infected and uninfected subjects, while on the other hand, it is intended to research About how others perceive The ace physical differences between infected and uninfected, in both sexes.

It is curious to verify, according to the study, that the infected they have one reduced conception of the risk of failurewhich would be linked to the transmission of the parasite, since this additional risk that they would be ready to take, in the sexual field, this could result in a increased tendency to promiscuity. All the clues point to T. gondii He is able to movement between agencies through sexual activity.

Overlay of 10 images of men compared before and after T. Gondii infection

Superposition of 10 images of men compared before and after infection with T. Gondii. Peer

That’s why it started to research value the physical and behavioral differences of the subjects, study the factors as the number of sexual partnersthe facial symmetry or the body mass index. Javier Borraz-Leon said in his study that:

At the first stage, we found that infected men had greater facial symmetry than uninfected men, while the body mass index of infected women was lower than that of uninfected women. Additionally, infected women had greater facial symmetry, better perceived attraction, and more sexual partners than uninfected women.

By the way, research has also shown that differences between infected and uninfected was a lot bigger in women than men. In the second part of the survey, they showed Photographs infected and uninfected 200 people for them to rate which ones looked the most attractive and healthy. Obviously, the infected were much more valued than those who were not infected. It’s just the start of a new study which is yet to come and which could confirm whether our physical appearance in influenced by this type of parasites or are we the ones who really shaped our appearance in front of others.

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