the worry and “sadness” of his daughter Terelu

It was last July 26, 2022 when SPANISH reported that Fields of Marie-Thérèse (81) started his vacation in Malaga. The communicator arrived a few days earlier, on July 24, at her summer residence with her eldest daughter, Terelu Campos (56), and a service person. Already then, this medium slipped that María Teresa he hadn’t planned to spend the whole month of August on vacation.

The presenter has not felt comfortable in her home in Malaga for a long time and, in fact, at the end of this article is already in Madrid. So he ended his rest days by surprise. It’s only been a few days that Campos has enjoyed the beach of his adopted land, as well as the swimming pool that his urbanization has.

This is how his daughter Terelu told it in her Blog weekly conferences, under the title “It makes me sad that my mother does not enjoy her holidays in Malaga”. “Last year, I already told you and this year, unfortunately, I have to repeat it again. It makes me very sad because I don’t see what my mother likes here. I don’t know the reason, but There are times when I think something must happen to this house“, argues Terelu.

María Teresa Campos walking around Malaga with a service person, in July 2020.

María Teresa Campos walking around Malaga with a service person, in July 2020.


And he adds: “It’s true that when people reach an age, not everyone likes to get out of our routine, and I think my mother is the least. (…) I try to encourage you to go down to the swimming pool. (…) There are days when I can do it and others when it is not possible”.

finish your Blog the presenter of Save me revealing Teresa Campos’ return to Madrid: “As I write these lines, I have very few hours left to return to Madrid with my mother. Going back together on the AVE is quite an adventure. (…) I hope that our arrival in Madrid will be serene and happy”.

Anyway, Campos’ malaise at Malaga was picked up by EL ESPAÑOL a few days ago. “For a while, Teresa isn’t so enthusiastic about summer in Malaga, neither go out nor go down to the beach. These are other times that require other things. I remind you that last summer decided to go to Madrid in advance“said a knowledgeable source.

You feel safer at home. Since he no longer travels by car, he does so by train. Traveling by car is very difficult for him,” the insider added.

His forced retirement

Teresa Campos, last March after receiving an award in Seville.

Teresa Campos, last March after receiving an award in Seville.


June 18, 2022 was an important day for the Campos family. maria teresa he was 81 years old and he did it in a calm and withdrawal from public life. a chance to forced retirement that the communicator has respected, accepted and assumed.

Calm and serene“in his new home in Madrid and very sheltered by his daughters, grandchildren and a very small group of good friends. The former all-powerful – at the level of television – Campos blew out the candles on her birthday in the strictest privacy; there was no big party.

365 days ago, the presenter, accompanied by her daughters, Terelu and Carmen, and her granddaughter, Alexandra Rubio (22), posed for the media at his former home in Molino de la Hoz, Las Rozas. This scene, still according to the information that has been processed, has not been repeated this year in the new enclave of his life, his new house in Aravaca. “This exposure is not wanted, the girls have reached this agreement. Control and take more care of the image of his mother and understand that he is already an old person, ”added who is qualified to do so.

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The informant slipped Teresa is still “nostalgic” for this job that did not come Will not come. This goodbye she thought she deserved. “At the moment, it’s the biggest of his regrets and he can’t get out of his head that it’s a waste,” he says.

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