The ten most stolen cars in Spain and the favorite municipalities of thieves

to exist blacklists for almost everything decide which vehicle to buy, since some, according to statistics, are much more exposed than others. The most stolen models vary slightly each year but there is a constant that is observed year after year: old vehicles are the most interesting for thieves and it is that cars with more than ten years make two out of three thefts.

Thieves prefer much older and more popular specimens, that is, those that were once Bestseller. Indeed, given the average age of the national car fleet – around 13 years -, there is a high demand for spare parts for the repair of these generalist models.

However, the number of stolen cars has steadily decreased in recent years. According to data collected by Somos Seguros, the insurance culture dissemination initiative developed by UNESPA, in 2011, 203,000 copies were stolen insured, a figure that has fallen to almost half (101,000) in 2020. This reduction is explained by several factors, such as the fact that the manufacturers improve the safety of the cars; and because for years newly built houses have had a garage, which allows more and more cars to sleep inside.

Similarly, UNESPA data confirms that five of the models present in the spanish car park account for almost a fifth of all thefts, among a hundred models collected. In this way, in the first place, they pass more unnoticed in circulation and when they are destined for illegal scrapping, there is a much larger market for the purchase of parts than that of other less popular models or more recent. The question is: Which cars are the most stolen in Spain?

The most stolen cars in Spain

Now yes, we focus on makes and models to find out which were the most stolen cars in Spain in 2020.

1. Ibiza Headquarters. A classic among the most stolen models year after year. It is one of the most popular cars in Spain and in many cases they usually sleep outside. Any old Seat Ibiza has limited anti-theft technology, which makes thieves interested.

2. Seat Leon. This model is one of the best-selling in Spain, making it a prime target for thieves. It is also an attractive model to sell for spare parts.

3.VolkswagenGolf. The reputation and performance of this model are indisputable. For this reason, it sells well on the used market, making it particularly attractive to car thieves.

4. Ford Focus. Known above all for its sturdiness and reliability, this model was also a best-seller in the Spanish car fleet and is highly coveted in Eastern European markets.

5. Citroen Xsara. The Citroën Xsara was one of the most popular compact cars of its time and today it is a car that can be stolen very easily. There are still a large number of copies on the streets and it is a model with good results in other markets.

6.Peugeot 206. This model of the French firm is one of the most popular in the Maghreb and its reliability is very high. The 206 is a very easy to steal car, always popular on the streets of our country.

7. Ford Fiesta. One of the most classic models of the Spanish car park. Although this model was discontinued in 2018, there are still many running examples that need parts and spares, which also puts them in the spotlight.

8. Renault Megane. Another of the most popular vehicles in Spain was the Renault Mégane. This French model is very popular in North Africa and is very interesting for spare parts in several European countries, including Spain or France.

9. Volkswagen Polo. The Volkswagen Polo, a simple model, with highly valued components and with good performance in different markets, especially in Eastern Europe. A car that never goes out of style, even for thieves.

10. BMW 3 Series. The BMW 3 Series also tends to frequent Spain’s most stolen car lists year after year. Slightly older generations, such as the E36 and E46, are particularly susceptible because their protection against theft is poor.

Where are the most stolen cars?

The survey of insurance employers similarly locates the places in Spain where the most vehicles are stolen. and the city of Seville It is the one with the highest number of incidents, with a higher probability of 184.5% than the whole country. Below, the Madrid city of Speak out (162.7)y royal city (137%).

The detail provided by UNESPA goes as far as urban neighborhoods in major cities, among those hardest hit by the Entrevías and San Diego robberies in Madrid; Montgat in Barcelona; Sestão in Bilbao; La Plata and Amate in Seville or Soternes and La Llum in Valencia.

Likewise, the analysis shows how the phenomenon of car theft is also closely linked to the urban environment. Provinces with major metropolitan areas -Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Biscay, Valencia, Seville…– the neighbors – as Toledo or Guadalajara– have higher than average probability of theft rates.

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