The number of Real Zaragoza subscribers already exceeds 23,500 and is growing

The Real Zaragoza SAD communicated this Thursday, with great satisfaction, that the number of subscribers who withdrew their card as of August 4 exceeds 23,500, while there are still eight days before the start of the championship and fifteen days before the first home game. The trend, view positive and excited attitude of zaragocismo in recent weeks, this volume of cards has continued to increase and has reached an even more striking level.

The comparison with the last two campaigns makes it possible to assess what is happening in this summer of 2022 among white fans: last year, the quota of subscribers remained at 22,374; and in the previous league, in 20-21, the level was 23,208.

It is true that, in both cases, everything was strongly publicized by the post covid pandemic who came to paralyze life in Spain and that led to different football, many months without public help in the stands and with different restrictions as normality gradually returned. But, simultaneously, Zaragoza also concluded sports recession, with two campaigns fraught with qualifying difficulties, flawed team compositions and performances below expectations. These data increase the value of this recovery that is taking place this summer of change of shareholding in the SAD among the huge mass of fans that Real Zaragoza has by nature and tradition.

In fact, the mere fact of having surpassed 23,500 subscribers yesterday makes this season which begins, 22-23, already the third in number of members since, ten years ago, Real Zaragoza fell to the second division and , for the first time in its 90-year history, chained so long out of the top elite.

There were more subscribers only in 19-20, when 28,419 were reached thanks to the attraction of the only winning project that was put in place during this decade, the last of Víctor Fernández, with the signings that have worked since the same summer: Luis Suárez, Dwamena, Vigaray… and the media – although later failed – of the Kagawa Japanese. And also in the previous one, 18-19 (when Lalo Arantegui brought Natxo González and promised a promotion project), in which 27,360 were achieved during the coursewhich went from less to more.

Real Zaragoza’s first four seasons in this journey through the Second Division desert after relegation in 2013 did not present, in any case, a group of subscribers that dwarfs the current and provisional 23,500. In the first, even with Agapito Iglesias at the front they did not exceed 20,000. In the next, with the property that has just left the entity, there were 20,176, in the most convulsive summer in history. The following year, despite promotion and quasi-promotion to the First Division, the enlisted did not exceed 20,759. In 16-17 there were 22,082 and, a year later, 21,680. that this year’s mood surge is changing the trend.

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