the important ‘body positive’ message that the famous sends after her physical change

Many people join the bodypositive message movement‘ (normalizing that all bodies are valid) to break down the barrier created by social networks of idealized lives and outrageous bodies.

So the artist Selena Gomezwho has undergone a physical change over the past ten years after being diagnosed and operated on for lupus, was one of the celebrities who wanted to embrace this movement needed to normalize this all bodies are valid there release the aesthetic pressure to which many people -especially women- are submissive.

In a video posted on his TikTok appears the singer lying on a boat in a swimsuit and, with the background noise of someone saying “put your belly on”, to which she replies that no, she’s not going to hide her belly because “stomachs are so big sometimes”.

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This video represents the reality of many people who have embarrassed or forced to hide their bellies for ‘what will they say’, then Internet users were quick to comment, applauding the initiative of the artist: “Thank you Selena for being so authentic”, commented a girl.

“All in all, no one should ever feel like they have to get their guts out, all bodies are beautiful the way they are,” another wrote. “My great motivation” pointed to another.

The videos of Selena Gomez They are characterized by their humor, but always convey a message behind, and this video has already accumulated at least twelve million views and 2.5 million “likes”.

importance of mental health

The artist returned to TikTok after a long hiatus without social media due to mental health issues she suffered a few months ago, as she was heavily criticized for her physical change.

but the artist came back last apriland since then he has already published several messages with his videos showing his new physical reality, affected by his illness: “I don’t care about my weight, because people are going to complain about it anywayif I’m very thin or if I’m very fat… I’m perfect the way I am,” the singer said.

It is not the first time

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This is not the first time that scathing comments have been made on social media affect mental health -both anonymous and celebrities.

We have already seen this in the physical change of singer Camila Cabello, who has been criticized for her weight gain; or on the contrary with Danna Paola, who lost weight after the pressure of comments on social networks saying that she had a few extra pounds. Among so many others who have had to undergo – famous or not – this pressure to fit within the aesthetic parameters set by the company.

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