The comedy of Carlos Sobera and Plauto, an unbeatable cocktail in Mérida

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Over 3,000 people filled the stands with lots of laughter, laughter and entertainment

Carlos Sobera and the comedy of Plautus, a c

August. The comedy. Plautus… and Carlos Sobera. What could go wrong in the first truly commercial work of this edition of the FMrida Summer Theater? The cocktail, as expected, was an absolute success, so much so that the audience filled the stands at the premiere – more than 3,000 people show the “no tickets” sign – like lots of laughter, laughter and fun, which is the essence of any classic comedy, and more so than Plautus. What more could you ask for on another hot summer night? Carpe Diem.

During his acting debut as a television showman in Mrida, who was already responsible for presenting the old “Ceres” awards on the same stage up to five times, this new version of Plautus’ comedy did not disappoint at all. Respecting the essence of the Roman playwright in one of his most famous works (it had already been performed twice in this competition, in 1989 with Antonio Resins and in 2008 by Pepe Viyuela), the show, with musical accents, respects at all times the essence of its origin: an acid criticism of the society of the time, which could perfectly be the current society of the 21st century: constant postures, power of immediacy, superficiality , hedonism and superlative narcissism concentrated in the figure of the swaggering, arrogant and vulgar soldier who is professionally represented by Carlos Sobera, a proven expert in connecting with the bleachers and attracting the public to the seats, in this case the stones.

But the latest variant introduced by the production manager, Pep Anton Gomez (adapted by Antonio Prieto), which also introduces a modern language that does not shout, leads to one of the highlights of the night, when after so many entanglements, disappointments and betrayals, the transformation of the protagonist fully appears after having received a profound lesson of life. And it is, as on most occasions with Plautus, that we are finally reconciled with all the characters. It is then that comedy and fun give way to an inner gaze in search of happiness (“the sorrows in the drawer that we live for two days and that we will all end up in the same place”, repeats Sobera), but not at any price and, above all, without trampling power on others. It is the most moving moment of the night and invites the viewer to rethink the current keys that move contemporary society as it also happened to the classics, because little seems to have changed.

Until there, Glorious Soldier He invites us through a swaggering, swindler, womanizer and presumptuous soldier, to a continuous party, to a journey of hedonistic pleasure of the protagonist, obsessed with sex and with a clear narcissistic component: nothing in life, nor in life. history of the world, there is no one more important than him, the supposed grandson of Zeus, for of course his glorious (non-existent) heroic battles on a par with the very Achille oh Alexander The Great. It doesn’t matter “if you can’t be prettier than me”.

The plot is well known: delighted to have met, he kidnaps a beautiful young woman and keeps her in his house in Communication Naturally, a plethora of secondary characters appear (up to seven) which give a lot of rhythm to the production, embodied by a cast of actors as famous as they are effective: from the slave Aptitude (represented by a shiny Brown Angel) to an extraordinary version of Elisa Matilla In the role of gorgeous, as well as the rest of the papers: Elena Ballesteros (Cornelia), Juanjo Cucaln (Senectus), David Tortosa (Plenilunio), Antonio Prieto (Cappadocia) and the beginner Arianna Aragon (Portia) almost all known to each other and who have already worked together on several occasions, which is noticeable on stage for an editing more than close to a vaudeville, which is sharpened by a veiled criticism, but not for that a lack of roundness, to the vices and miseries of human beings. Comedy yes, and a lot, but time for reflection too. A cocktail, with Sobera, absolutely unbeatable.

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