The cause for which Bill Gates reaffirms his commitment

Four years ago, Bill Gates ran a project in which he and a few other billionairesincluding Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott, pledged thirty million dollars to create a new engine within a foundation against Alzheimer’s to accelerate the development of tests to diagnose the disease. This funding was later increased to $50 million.

Today, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation announced a New funding commitment of $50 million from previous donors, like Gates, Bezos, the former president of Estee Lauder, Leonard Lauder (founder of the foundation with his brother Ronald); and the family of the late Ray Dolby, as well as some new donors, funds that will support the next phase of their efforts to improve screening for Alzheimer’s disease. Donations to the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation fall under “venture philanthropy”. Any financial return the investments receive will go into the foundation rather than the pockets of the donors.

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