Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid MY23 arrive in Europe

At the end of the year, the Plaid versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X will be available in Europe with some improvements in design, mechanics and functionality.

The online reservation has already been opened to be able to place an order at a time for the Tesla Model S of the Pattern X Posterwhose prices start at 140,970 and 143,990 euros, respectively. Deliveries of initial orders are scheduled between December 2022 and February 2023.

Tesla Model S Tiles

Tesla has just announced the arrival of new updated versions for the Model S and X Plaid. The two models, which announce a maximum power of 1,020 horsepowerThey count with three motor system (two for the rear axle and one for the front axle), all-wheel drive and 100 kWh extended range battery. In the case of the Model S Plaid announces a maximum WLTP autonomy of 600 kilometerswhile in the Model X Plaid the autonomy is considerably reduced, up to 528 kilometers.

slight changes

Cosmetically, there are few changes from previous versions, which received their last update in 2021. Now, Model Year 23 versions will have new matrix led headlightsStorm rims up to 21 inches in diameter and some aerodynamic improvements which, on the Model S Plaid, lower the drag coefficient at 0.20.

Tesla Model S Tiles

At the rear, the drivers have been modified to include a new CCS-2 or Combo charging socketwhich allows the porthole opening and lighting system and the trim that connects the two lights, now painted the same color as the bodywork, to be recharged with alternating current as well as direct current.

There were also a few upgraded interior, powertrains, thermal system, electronics and frame. The brand also claims to have improved certain production processes and reduced the weight of certain components.

high performance

The advantages of the Model S Plaid do not go unnoticed, with a top speed of 322 km/h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds which Tesla says represent the best number of mass-produced cars in the world. The performance figures are also very remarkable, since it manages to normalize an average consumption of 18.1kWh/100km. For its part, it offers a battery of 100 useful kWhwhich allows a maximum range of 600 km and has a maximum DC charging power of 250kW.

Tesla Model X Blanket

As for the options available, there have been no notable changes, with three types of paint available: plain, glossy or metallic, two types of interior finish: normal or Premium, with white or beige leather upholstery and two types of alloy wheels en 19 or 21 inches in diameter.

Optional devices are also available. Automatic pilotwhich includes the auto parking system, auto lane changing and auto highway driving, the cost of which is €3,500. If you add the recognition function and action in front of traffic lights and stop signsthe rate goes up to 7,500 euros. The brand has announced that the assisted turning system on urban roads will be available soon, without however communicating the precise dates.

Pattern X Poster

The main differences of this version, apart from the SUV body over five meters and its six-seater cabin, logically bet on performance, since the aerodynamics are not so striking and the weight of the whole, engines and battery equal, is superior by almost 300 kg. With an approved average consumption of 21.4kWh/100km announces a autonomy estimated at 528 km in WLTP cyclenail top speed of 262 km/h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 secondsthe best among all production SUVs.

Tesla Model X Poster

Includes standard towing packageuntil 2,250 kg of drag and as an option the Premium cream or white interior is offered, for 2,400 euros, the 22 inch wheelsfor 5,900 euros or the Enhanced Autopilot and Autonomous Driving systems, respectively for 3,800 and 7,500 euros.


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