Telepizza owners register 21 million losses, 6.3% more

food delivery brands recorded losses of 21.6 million through June. The multi-brand group, which operates the Telepizza, Pizza Hut and Apache Pizza brands, recorded attributable net losses of 21.6 million euros in the first half, which represents 6.4% more compared to the “red figures” of 20.3 million euros for the same period last year. The restaurant chain’s sales amounted to 620 million euros between January and June this year, which means 18.7% more than in the same period of the previous year (+14.4% at constant exchange rate).

The brand recorded adjusted gross operating income (Ebitda) in the first half of 16 million euros, in line with 16.2 million euros that the group reached during the same period of 2021, despite an environment marked by uncertainty and inflation in the markets in which the company operates. For its part, the group’s liquidity at the end of June amounted to to 36.4 million euros, before the payment of interest corresponding to the first half of 2022, as reported in a press release.

By markets, in Spain and Portugal, where the company relaunched the brand telepizza, first-half sales grew 10.9% over the same period a year earlier. While in Latin America, the channel’s revenues increased by 28.8% compared to the same period in 2021 (+19.5% at constant exchange rate). The company clarified that the effects of inflation and war in Ukraine were less significant than in Europe, there were some specific protests, as in the case of Ecuador, which had a temporary impact and light on sales in the region.

In the second quarter, sales amounted to 323.5 million euros, or 20.4% more, exceeding the figures before the pandemic. This development in sales has generated a positive impact on the income statement of the group, with a growth in turnover of 15.9%, reaching 104.7 million euros in the second quarter.

Investment of 7.5 million in the new factory

For its part, in Mexico, Food Delivery Brands is developing a growth strategy with strong investments consolidate the brand Pizza Hut in the countryside. This strategy led to the opening in June of a new pasta factory in Querétaro, with an investment of more than 7.5 million dollars, which will supply the Pizza Hut establishments that the group operates in Mexico, as well as export to PH franchisees in Central America and the Caribbean. An investment that joins the rest of those already undertaken in the renovation and expansion of the Pizza Hut brand in the country and which is expected to continue steadily over the next few years.

In total, the group closed the second half with a total of 91 net openings compared to the same period of the previous year, therefore It already has 2,350 operating establishments worldwide. Food Delivery Brands continued its investments to strengthen the group’s operational and industrial capacity throughout the world during the second quarter of the year. Thus, the new plant in Mexico, operational since June, joins the four distributed between Spain, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.

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