Telegram prepares an update with new animated emojis

New stickers on Telegram.  (photo: Gamingsym)
New stickers on Telegram. (photo: Gamingsym)

Test a new feature of Telegram in beta: animated emojis. With this function, which associates emojis with the famous Telegram stickers, the bone Premium Users They will be able to communicate in a unique way since they will have exclusive packages of animated Emojis at their fingertips. There are currently 11 such packages available.

WhatsApp and Telegram have a war regarding messaging apps refers, during smart phones millions of users. This war has two clear winners, curiously similar in terms of the number of opponents in battle: WhatsApp grows in Terms of use ; Telegram does he do it in innovation.

Each aspect has its advantages and disadvantages, but the truth is that the effort put into creating new features is worth it. All this in terms of premium service, of course.

Telegram Premium will have animated Emoji packs

The news is in Telegram beta 8.9, so you can try it on any phone. With this option (Premium), the user can complete his list of emojis with emojis added as a normal emoji and yet function as an animated sticky character. What’s curious is that all the animated Emojis you want can be attached to a single message; with the party of the movement that this implies.

Animated emojis are available as icon packs. Each of these packs includes a theme; So, accompanying emojis will retain the design and appeal prescribed by each product packaging.

New emojis on Telegram.  (photo: Telegram)
New emojis on Telegram. (photo: Telegram)

Telegram currently offers animated emoji packs with frogs, cherries or even little animated memes. This novelty clearly innovates in the field of conversation using multimedia elements.

These new animated emojis work like any other animated emoji that Telegram already has, but only if one of the emojis in the pack is attached to the message. They are selected from the bottom of the interface, after clicking the face icon.

New emojis on Telegram.  (photo: Telegram)
New emojis on Telegram. (photo: Telegram)

More animated emojis added, the smaller the size of the set; until they remain full size emojis without losing animation. Text can also be added to these messages, they do not work as stickers.

this novelty is now available on Telegram beta for Premium users (only those who claim to be beta can see the animations; with the possibility of adding packages if you are a Premium subscriber). Animated emojis will soon be available in the stable app.

How to Delete Old Photos on Telegram to Protect User Privacy

Unlike other apps in the same category, when someone changes their profile picture on Telegram, the previous photos are still visible to other users. So if someone accesses the current image, they can also access the rest by simply swiping left or right.

If you don’t want that to happen, the good news is that you can delete old photos or limit who can access them. The process is quite simple:

– Connect to Telegram.

– Go to tab Settings.

– Press on Edit and later in the profile picture.

– You can now view photo history by swiping right.

– If you have iPhoneyou can touch the icon of the waste paper basket in the lower corner to delete the image. If you have androidtap the three dots in the top corner, then tap Remove.

Telegram.  (photo credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin)
Telegram. (photo credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin)

Also, if you want limit who can see a profile picture on Telegram, can also be done:

– Enter for Settings by Telegram.

– go Privacy and Security.

– In Profile picture, choose who can see it.

The recommended option is My Contacts, this way only people added to this list will be able to access it.


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