Soraya Arnelas speaks for the first time about the birth problem of her daughter Olivia

  • The singer of ‘Operación Triunfo’ talks about the hereditary disease of little Olivia

  • Your daughter was born with this problem and may need surgery in the future

Soraya Arnelas talk for the first time about health problem who he was born with second daughter. The little Oliviercame into the world last October through a planned Caesarean section which had to be brought forward precisely because of this disease which he inherited from his mother and for which he may need to undergo surgery in the future. After being asked about the bulge that the little girl has on her stomach, the finalist of the fourth edition of “Operation Triumph” decided to answer.

“For those of you asking me what’s wrong with Olivia’s navel… He was born with a hernia, like his grandfather Paco and like mehe says, referring to the umbilical hernia he inherited from his father and passed on to his second daughter. “In fact, that’s one of the reasons I gave birth a week early. It came out completely and it looked like I didn’t have any. This is how the gynecologist gave me the instructions to advance the delivery”, he admits.

Little Olivia was born by caesarean section since the artist, during the delivery of Manuela, had her urethra peeled off, they had to reconstruct it and this prevents her from having children through the vaginal canal.

Despite having a big lump in stomach, it does not affect the quality of life of the little girl. In fact, the pediatrician recommended the singer nor operate, unless it “changes color” or “it hurts“. “I know many children who have it, adults too. And that’s the thing. A hernia, nothing more! But you see, she is happy with her little button! Like his yeyo paco and his mom”, he underlines next to a publication in which we can see perfectly the umbilical hernia of his daughter.

This type of hernia are common and usually harmless. Many babies are born with them, and they can heal on their own and close before they are two years old. In addition, there are methods that help it. “He sent us a special belt to help the belly button go in, but Olivia was very upset and the belt was hurting her. She kept crying,” she explains, referring to her pediatrician’s recommendation. and the “traditional remedies” they used. for try to fix it: “We tried to put the technique of the grandmothers of the play in the navel with a scotch, but the scotch hurt the skin, so nothing”.

Since none of this worked and since the girl is completely out of danger, Soraya and her husband decided to give up and wait to see what happens, because it would be normal for the navel to “return to its original state over time”. “If she doesn’t, at three years old, when she weighs about 12 kilos, they will operate on her,” explains the singer of “My world without you”. “They control it and at the moment there’s no other way to wait“, To add.

In addition, another of the reasons why the girl from Extremadura decided not to operate on her little girl is the risk of introducing a baby into an operating room at such a young age. “It’s not good because anesthesia could cause nerve damage in babies“, she says while affirming to have been advised by a specialist and recognizes that it is also the reason why she operated Manuela de Gracia (her eldest daughter) of a frenectomy only at the age of three years.

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