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The freestyler and rapper Sarah Sokas (Tenerife, 1997) deals with mental health in its last topic ‘Don’t touch the coconut’a song in which he advocates the importance of seeking professional help to identify and treat mental health disorders in young people.

The project, developed by the creative boutique PINK for the DCP Juventud there Mutua Madrid Foundation arises after the results of the latest barometer drawn up by the Reina Sofía Center on Adolescence and Youth of FAD, which reveals that 56.4% of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 think they have suffered from psychological or psychiatric problems in the past 12 months and 49% have not sought professional help.

The data was the seed for ‘Don’t give the Coconut’, a digital campaign designed and executed by creative boutique PINK. “Working on projects for an audience as heterogeneous, demanding and complex as teenagers is a challenge. That’s why we chose to use the strength and affinity that this target has with genres such as rap and hip hop to address them with a powerful and relevant message and, above all, raise awareness and influence a subject as delicate and socially neglected as mental health. The choice of Sara Socas was not insignificant. This is demonstrated by the interviews in the form of digital content that complement the campaign”, according to Martín Polonsky and Jesús Molina, creative project managers at PINK.

The song, titled “No le des al coco”, was written by Socas, the first woman in history to be promoted to the FMS, the most important freestyle league in Spain, based on a text created by PINK , and talks about the importance of making visible and addressing mental health issues with lines like these: ‘Being alone is not the same as being alone, the second is an option, the first is a test. Ask for help when needed your mind is your friend, not your opponent‘ or ‘It’s okay to feel like you can’t handle it all, the mind is the prison where the soul drowns. In life’s journey, you will not be alone, hope is the knife that cuts the rope”.

‘It’s a pride to be able to express in such a natural way something that I experienced in the first person. When I wrote the song, I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t reflect the message well, but I think the poetic and the direct came together. As long as this song is useful to a person, I’m already happybut I hope it will help many others”, according to Sara Socas.

The music video was shot in 16mm and digital in the Legazpi districtin which the artist resides and the campaign, which opens on Thursday August 4, will make the rounds on social networks (TikTok, YouTube and Instagram) and the theme can also be heard on the Sara Socas Spotify Profile. The campaign is complemented by six video testimonials in which the freestyler explains his experience and that it will also be broadcast on Instagram and Tik Tok.

The pieces link to an FAD site with mental health data and tools that includes a toll-free phone number. The song was recorded in the studio Fashion Rhythm Team and the producer was Octopvs at the party. The campaign was produced by Vietnam and consists of a 130” music video and 4 x 15” tracks.

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