publishes the second call for aid from the Kit Digital program publishes the second call for aid for the digitization of small businesses with 3 to less than 10 employees (segment II). You can consult the news on the following link:

The call details the requirements for applying for the aid, the obligations undertaken by the beneficiaries, the maximum amounts of aid for each category of digitization solutions, the justification, the payment and the control of the implementation of the solutions, between other important issues. . This second call has an initial budget of 500 million euros and aims to improve the competitiveness and level of digital maturity of companies in this segment.

The amount of aid will be €6,000 and with it SMEs will be able to acquire digitization solutions for key areas such as: website and internet presence, social media management, e-commerce; customer management; virtual office services and tools, business intelligence and analytics, process management, electronic invoicing, secure communications and cybersecurity. Also, in this second call, two new categories are added, such as Advanced Internet Presence and market.

It will be from September 2 that micro-enterprises with 3 to less than 10 employees will be able to request assistance from Kit Digital through the electronic headquarters ( The application period will remain open for 12 months.

How to ask Kit Digital for help

  1. Register in the private area of ​​ and complete the digital self-diagnosis test that takes no more than 10 minutes.
  2. Consult the information available on the digitization solutions of the Digital Kit program, where you can choose one or more of those indicated in the catalog that can be consulted at
  3. Ask for help at the electronic office of (

Once it is verified that the company meets the requirements, the digital bonus is granted. The beneficiary can consult the catalog of basic digitization solutions offered by the Kit Digital program and the catalog of digitization agents. You must select one or more dematerialization agents with whom to develop the dematerialization solutions best suited to the needs of your company and sign the “agreements for the provision of dematerialization solutions”.

Grants are non-competitive and will be awarded directly and in order of arrival, once verification of compliance with the requirements of the call has been made.

Companies interested in this second call can consult the regulatory bases and all its novelties at the following link: streamlines and facilitates the application process for small businesses

In order to facilitate access to aid as much as possible, the figure of the “voluntary representative” has been activated, i.e. any third party, whether a natural or legal person, duly authorized, can request aid on behalf of the company.

In addition, following the line of streamlining the application process for companies, under the slogan “zero paper”, has designed a highly innovative processing system using automated robotics and artificial intelligence tools that reduces the bureaucratic, reduces the number of documents to be presented and shortens the concession conditions. The company can request the aid without providing supporting documents. It will be sufficient for the employer to authorize to consult ex officio the conditions and obligations required to obtain the status of beneficiary, guaranteeing transparency and legal certainty.

More than 8,700 digitization agents

Currently, the catalog of digitizer agents is made up of more than 8,700 member agents. The membership period will remain open for the duration of the program, so the catalog will be expanded as requests are resolved.

The dematerialization agents are the only ones authorized to sign “agreements for the provision of dematerialization solutions” with the companies receiving aid from the Kit Digital program and the holders of the digital voucher, and they can collaborate in the aid request process. by also being voluntary representatives, as well as in the resulting control actions.

In addition, they will be the ones who will present all the supporting documents and who will receive payment for the digital voucher assigned by the beneficiary, once their supporting document has been accepted.

Over 21,000 grants have already been awarded in the first call

To date, the Kit Digital program has received approximately 68,000 applications and proof of the agility of the Program, nearly 21,000 grants awarded, in just four months, to small businesses targeted by the first Kit Digital grant call, those with between 10 and less than 50 employees (segment I). This means that 31% of SMEs who have requested it already have the digital voucher to consume it in different digital solutions in the catalog. This percentage of aid granted is equivalent to approximately 252 million euros of European funds Next generation UE.

The first call for assistance was launched on March 15 and the period for submitting applications will remain open until September 15, 2022.

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