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The NIU SQi It can be described as one of the most elegant electric motorcycles in the entire catalog of the Chinese manufacturer. Although always it will take time to reach the European marketsince the launch will be in his country of origin, his pattern avant-garde and a large part of its Features. stand out above all pedals that he understands, which in principle will be functional, although in Europe due to the power of its engine and the presence of a throttle, it can never be considered a electric bikebut one moped.

Starting with the design, the square it is aimed at the local Chinese market, at least in its current form. It retains the round led headlight of the rest of the range of UNITED and which characterizes the fronts of all its models. This is almost the only feature that remains from the builder’s usual construction scheme. Although most of his electric scooters They can be seen as visually appealing with rounded panels and flowing lines, the SQi takes on a futuristic look, approaching a vehicle that might appear in a sci-fi movie. The moped displays an appearance marked by the front face chaired by the led headlight and an aggressive bodywork created by the panels of its exterior fairing.

niu ski-indoor electric moped1
The SQi adopts a futuristic look, closer to a vehicle that could appear in a science fiction film than the rest of the Chinese manufacturer’s range.

The specifications that NIU has revealed for its electric propulsion system are the most basic that can be demanded. The electric motor rests on the hub of the rear wheel and offers a fairly modest power, 400W, although it is likely that in times of demand the tip will far exceed this amount. The battery is located in the vehicle body, between the rider’s legs and operates at 48V. There will be two optionsa 20 Ah which gives it a capacity of 960Wh and another 24 Ah which increases it to 1.152Wh. Estimated range is 65 and 75 kilometers respectively. the battery is removable so that it can be recharged at any remote outlet on the moped, which does not require the installation of any connected charging station.

The NIU SQi has a pair of pedals that, although they are functional, their use cannot go beyond anecdote since with this it will be difficult to move the weight and resistance offered by the mechanics of the vehicle. Although the regulations of some countries may assign this vehicle the category of electric bicycle due to the implementation of this component, in Europe the power of its engine and the presence of an accelerator exclude it as such. Especially since the assistance speed is limited to 25km/h. For this reason, in Europe, and specifically in Spain, the NIU SQi will require homologation, insurance, registration, traffic lights and a license to operate it.

niu sqi-interior2 electric moped
Cleverly camouflaged pedals appear below the point where the NIU SQi’s swingarm meets the frame.

The NIU SQi also inherits from the rest of the range a series of characteristics typical of its manufacturer, such as the connectivity through the company’s mobile app. This means that its owners can use GPS to locate it and take advantage of the battery monitoring system for diagnosis. They can also set vehicle options and do everything remotely from anywhere.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the price of the NIU SQi starts at 8,999 RMB for the basic version and goes up to 9,599 RMB for the higher version (approximately 1,300 and 1,400 euros respectively at the current exchange rate). The arrival of the NIU SQI in other markets such as Europe or America remains to be confirmedalthough the highlight of its attractive design and price is not long in attracting the attention of the international market, possibly with a different electric configuration, but trying to keep it as a cheaper option than the brand’s electric scooters .

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