Monkeypox: the infectious disease specialist warns of a fact passed over in silence

Although the World Health Organization said the monkeypox as a health emergency which requires global attention, no sanitary fence or deep control has been established to prevent this evil from spreading among the people.

According to Secretary of Health of the Government of Mexico, as of July 31, at least 91 were registered Confirmed caseswhich were presented in 15 states of the Mexican Republic.

“There are not many, but the speed at which the number of new cases is increasing is worrying”, is the phrase with which the infectologist Alejandro Macías has put his finger on the sore point of the expansion of this wrong.

Countries where the situation seems to have gotten out of hand are States Joinedwhere more than 5,800 files were submitted and Spainwhere there are four thousand 298 infected with this disease.

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The disease is spreading exponentially.

What data should concern governments?

Worldwide, the disease presented its first case in early May in the Democratic Republic of CongoSince then, its progression has been exponential, a situation that has not caused any significant change in health protocols aimed at avoiding contagion.

Last weekend, the case of a man in Spain who was traveling in Subway protected only with a face mask. When asked why he hadn’t maintained self-isolation, he said his doctor told him he didn’t need to avoid contact with others. There are cases like these all over the world.

According to records from international health agencies, carriers of this disease are doubling every two weeks. While recovery is assured in most cases. As recently as last Tuesday, August 2, Peru recorded one death related to this disease; July 30, India He was already seeing the fifth death in the world.

The South American who died in a hospital in Lima for the monkeypox he was a 45-year-old man who had HIV and a weak immune system to deal with it. He arrived at the clinic when his condition was irreversible, as he was in septic shock.

The other case involved a 22-year-old male who was returning from United Arab Emirates to your country. Four days before he left, he started having spasms and a fever. In the hospital, the symptoms of respiratory problems, the symptoms of encephalitis and fatigue were added. He ended up losing his life.

The scientist Gorka Oriveprofessor of pharmacy, shared data on the progression of the disease around the world.

  • May 6: 1 case.
  • May 21 100 cases.
  • June 6 five thousand cases.
  • July 12 10,000 cases.
  • July 27, 20 thousand cases.

Despite the fact that in the first days of transmissions there is a relatively high increase; Over the past three weeks, infections are reported to have started to double the estimate. This explains the infectious disease specialist alexander Macias, It is an alarming fact.

“The problem is not the total number of cases, which still seems low, but the fact that they are doubling every 2 weeks,” he said.

“Now that it looks viable, we have to focus on stopping it now,” he said.

Is it possible to contain monkeypox?

The smallpox was declared as off in Mexico in 1977when the National Institute of Hygiene created the last batch of the glycerinated smallpox vaccine, according to research The stage after the eradication of smallpox in Mexico, 1952-1977 of Nydia Aguirre-Bolaños from UNAM.

Thus, no formula was applied anymore to avoid a new epidemic of this evil Since then, no case has been officially reported within the Country. Before the appearance of this new variant of diseases, the governments of various nations began to treat it by various formulas. Some have taken drugs that were used to control the passage of smallpox.

The latter works with an efficiency of 85% against the virus, although in the case of the United States, one of the points where the most transmissions have occurred, two biological ones have been developed.

The first is called Imvamune, which consists of two apps that are done a month apart. The second is ACAM2000, an adaptation of the formula used in the last century that should not be used in people with weakened immune systems, skin problems or pregnancy.

There are three WHO-approved formulas

The World Health Organization recommends the use of three drugs that have historically been used to combat conventional smallpox. Some laboratories have returned to manufacture it, despite the fact that they had not done so for four decades, these are the following:

  • MVA-BN (Denmark).
  • LC16 (Japan).
  • ACAM2000 (United States).

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How is this disease transmitted?

One of the main characteristics of the monkeypox is the occurrence of various bodily injuries similar to grain. The contact of secretions coming out of them is what causes the most common transmission.

Added to this is contact with saliva, with scabs from wounds or with material that has been in contact with the lesions of a person with this disease. diseases. The sexual route is another of the most frequent forms of transmission.

The symptoms most related to this disease are as follows.

  • Pimples or rashes.
  • Back pain.
  • High fever.
  • Headache.
  • swollen glands.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Trembling chills.
This disease is usually transmitted by touch.

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