Marta Riesco, her most special photo with Antonio David

    Martha Riesco and Anthony David made the most of their first summer together. However, they have now had to separate so that he can also spend time on vacation with his children. In this way, it seems that between one thing and another it has already been three weeks since the couple has not seen each other. Without a doubt, a time that becomes eternal for the collaborator and that led her to share her most romantic photo with her boyfriend. A beautiful way in which he made it clear how much he misses him and in which we could see them kissing passionately.

    Next, we tell you these and other stories of the famous. Since Olga Moreno enjoy the beach with Marta López to Víctor Elías and her radical change of ‘look’.

Marta Riesco ‘misses’ Antonio David

The collaborator shared her most romantic photo with Antonio David to confess that she hasn’t seen him for three weeks and that she misses him a lot. “I’m counting the hours for the reunion,” he confessed.

Olga Moreno and Marta López, together on vacation

Olga Moreno and Marta López maintain a great friendship. So much so that they did not want to miss the opportunity to spend part of the summer together.

Anabel Pantoja in Singer

The collaborator wanted to go to Cantora to visit Isabel Pantoja for her birthday. A return which also took the opportunity to take some photos.

The surprising change in ‘look’ of Víctor Elías

Ana Guerra has shared the big ‘look’ change her boy has undergone, and it looks like he opted to wear platinum blonde hair. “What a rollazo you have,” his daughter said.

Rocío Flores takes advantage of the ‘present’

Antonio David Flores’ daughter has shared a snapshot of Benalmádena in which she shows how she tries to enjoy the present without thinking about anything else.

Jaime Cantizano enjoying his vacation

The presenter shared a snap in which he can be seen having a cocktail to toast August while enjoying some downtime.

Rosa López, happy in Asturias

The singer admitted to having already managed to recharge her batteries to continue her tour.

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