Market transfers | Xavi declares Aubameyang not transferable to Barca

04/08/2022 at 15:45


The coach does not want the striker to leave and his departure will not be negotiated

He considers that the team needs a goal and that Auba played at an exceptional level

The Barca will not negotiate the exit of Aubameyang there It’s not true that he put him on an offer list at Chelsea as they speculate from England. For Xavi Hernandezthe attacker is absolutely non-transferable and the sporting field thinks the same thing.

Another thing is that there is a proposal for madness, something that has not happened and will not happen. Aubameyang part of squad despite signing Lewandowski and the Blaugrana club have no intention of selling him this season. It will have minutes and will be important in the diet of xavier.

The Barça coach has been asking for a goal in the squad for a few months and is satisfied with what the club has brought him. He believes that the centre-forward position is perfectly covered with Lewandowski and Aubameyang and even considers them complementary depending on the type of matches. In fact, Auba became the league’s top scorer in the last six months after coming on the market in January.

Aubameyang has no intention of leaving today either. He is very comfortable with all his family, who already lived near Barcelona before his arrival. He fought to come and wants to fulfill the contract. He is convinced that he will play. The one with a clear path to leave is Memphis, for whom negotiations are already underway with some teams.

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