Market transfers | Juve gives its agreement to Memphis and advances its signing with Barça

Law. at 11:10 a.m.


The Italian club wants to respect Barca and does not consider the letter of freedom

The Dutchman wants a high salary and tries to fit all the numbers

The Juventus opt for Memphis to strengthen the lead as it’s a market opportunity and consider that the Dutchman can give Calcio a great performance.

The Italian club has given the green light to the operation and will try to reach a three-way agreement respecting Barça and, therefore, without taking into account the player’s letter of freedom. Juve have agreed to close the operation with a transfer with a mandatory purchase option, but for this Memphis must renew one more year with the Blaugrana club and reach an economic agreement with the Italians. They are there even if Memphis does not close the door to other opportunities.

Memphis lawyers spoke to the club yesterday reiterating that their main option is to leave with the letter of freedom to choose their destination. He wants a Champions club and a high record, but Juve’s commitment to complete the deal with Barca could see the footballer eventually reach an agreement. The intermediaries responsible for carrying out the whole proposal were also in Barcelona and they are all waiting for progress to be made with the footballer, who is essential in this whole affair.

Memphis wants a big chip and knows that a trade would lower their salary for sure. But it’s also true that he sees Juve as a great option for the future and he could think about it. In recent hours his name has been linked with clubs like Chelsea or Borussia Dortmund, but at Barca they believe that everything can end with an agreement with the Italians. The idea of ​​​​the Blaugrana club is that the whole operation is ready before the start of the League.

In principle, Chelsea’s interest in Aubameyang is unlikely to change plans with Memphis, although Barca are certainly working on different scenarios. At the moment, the Blaugrana club don’t have an official offer for Aubameyang, so they consider leaving Memphis once the footballer was informed that he would have to look for a team due to the attacking overbooking, despite the fact that Xavi Hernández is very happy with his performance.

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