last hour of the match, goals and result

The presentation of Cadiz for the 2022/23 season, the traditional Ramón de Carranza Trophy has been won by the team that has won this mythical summer tournament the most times: the Madrid athlete. The rojiblancos easily won a match that sometimes didn’t have much friendliness and confirmed that with a more than defined style they won’t have a goal problem in attack: 1-4.

The game between the two teams with the most Carranzas in their trophy rooms it started strong, but both coaches tried things from the first minute. The proximity to the start of LaLiga didn’t invite many tests and that’s why they came out with times full of headlines.

One of the first to claim was Griezmannwith a header in the post, and above all Morata. The striker, who is debating whether or not to return to Juventus (nothing new), gave the advantage to Atlético after a quarter of an hour, when he was standing up to David Gil and, after enduring well the bodies of Vaguescored the 0-1 at will.

Although it was a friendly match, the proximity to the official competition meant that all players took the match very seriously. In fact, there were quite a few hiccups, although the biggest controversy came at the end of the first part.

Just after a good chance for Cadiz, with Cala, Lucas Perez and finally the ‘Choco’ Lozano who were stopped by Oblak, came 0-2. A ball bounced by Griezmann was headed by Joao Felixwhose auction has ended hit Saul’s arm. The referee considered that he had hit his chest, so he gave a valid goal in a match without HAS BEEN. The very angry Cadiz players protested outside the same locker room tunnel at half-time.

The second part started with a lot of action. Hardly were all the fans seated than Daniel Wass He caught the ball in the three-quarter area, looked up, and went for a long shot that kicked in and slid into the top corner. David Gil. A superb goal from the Dane who was warmly congratulated by his teammates.

Barely a few seconds had passed when, in the second instance and after a cross that walked in front of the goal, the young Sergio Díez took the ball deep in the field to deliver it to Griezmann who, from behind and with a header, scored the fourth goal. The Carranza has become totally rojiblanco.

With the game more than controlled, Simeone changed almost his entire squad with seven changes at once to end the game with the KondogbiaLemarDePaul and the company that finished the game. Sergio Gonzalez He did the same a few minutes later, at the end of the match, coinciding with a hydration break.

With the game already full of youth teams and the less usual, Cadiz scored the goal of honor after an excellent game from the Kenya strip Affordable who ended up ending Alvaro Gimenez. The first goal conceded by Atlético in this pre-season did not tarnish the celebration of the mattress, which added its eleventh Ramón de Carranza Trophy.

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Cadiz vs. Atlético de Madrid, Ramón de Carranza Trophy live: last minute of the match, goals and result

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