Jeff Bezos’ megayacht soap opera finally has a solution (and it doesn’t involve dismantling a historic bridge)

Jeff Bezos commanded the largest sailing ship in the world. A quirk of these features, in addition to costing a fortune, has been the focus of a few headaches. Due to the fact that a historic bridge had to be dismantled so that the huge ship could reach the North SeaOceanco, the Dutch firm in charge of its construction, participated in a controversy between the city of Rotterdam and the inhabitants of the city.

After threats of vandalism, Oceanco had decided to withdraw its proposal for the temporary dismantling of the Koningshaven bridge, also known as “De Hef”. Well, it is a historical monument which, after suffering damage during the Second World War, and after its restoration, the town hall had promised not to touch it again. So the question that remained was: how would Bezos’ yacht reach the sea without touching the deck?

Oceanco made a decision and carried it out in complete silence. According to Dutch Yachtinga well-known YouTube channel focused on the world of boats, before dawn and without making any public announcement, Oceanco moved the yacht from its Alblasserdam shipyard to another located in Greenport, approximately 28 kilometers away in less than three hours. “We have never seen such fast transport,” chain officials say in the description of the video.

Take the boat without stirring the hornet’s nest

According to Der Spiegel, and as can be seen in the images, the yacht moved from one shipyard to another without the masts, three elements more than 120 meters high each that prevented its passage through the 40 meters of free space of De Hef. So if he started his journey without the masts, why didn’t he cross the bridge? This is a question that is difficult to answer, even if one thinks that if it had chosen this alternative, the company would have had to request authorization from the town hall.

Likewise, he exhibited Jeff Bezos’ yacht to cross a central part of the city, a place where many residents had promised to lay eggs as the ship passed. Finally, Oceanco chose to take a longer route and avoid any type of conflict and, as mentioned above, executed its entire plan at dawn, with no public announcements and in record time. That part of the controversy seems to be working, but Bezos still won’t be able to use his latest quirk.

The original idea was to complete the construction of the ship in the Alblasserdam shipyard, but since this was not possible, the tasks will continue in Greenport. The three masts that will make it the largest sailing ship in the world will be installed there, although it is not known how long the process will take. Therefore, a delivery date for the yacht is not known.

According to AdayachtJeff Bezos’ yacht, named Y721, is inspired by the Black Pearl by Oceanco. It is 127 meters long, has three deck levels, a swimming pool and a helipad. You will sail in the company of another smaller boat. It will be able to accommodate up to 18 passengers and will operate with a crew of 40 other people. And how much will this ambitious project cost? $500 milliona fraction of the 171,000 million that make up the businessman’s fortune, according to the latest Forbes list.

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