Jane Fonda Gives Us a Fitness “Class” Again 40 Years Later

In the 80s, through TV, Eva Nasare He got us in shape with his gym classes in ‘Getting Ready’. Before her, across the pond, had been Jane Fonda who had encouraged the United States to do aerobic (Already bring heaters!).

Today, the 84-year-old actress changed the radiators for a complete look of H&M Moving, the sportswear brand that the Swedish firm is launching on August 4 with the intention of “celebrating movement and inviting the world to move”, as stated Simon Brown, General Manager of the project.

And why is Jane Fonda the signature of H&M Move? Because when it comes to revealing the more “sporty” side of H&M, who better than the actress, activist and fitness icon of the 80s who celebrates today 40 years since his first exercise video (Fun fact: “Jane Fonda’s Workout,” as it was known, was the first non-fiction video to hit the bestseller list for six years. That first volume was followed by a series of sequels. which ran until 1995 and sold a total of 17 million copies).

“I’ve spent a lot of my life getting people moving and was naturally drawn to H&M Move’s mission to get everyone doing it to give your body the kind of movement it needs. need to stay healthy and take care of yourself, “says the actress about the project.

The fault was an ankle

This whole story begins in 1978, when Jane Fonda was working on “The China Syndrome”, a film in which she co-starred. Jack Lemon there Michael Douglas. During filming, the actress broke her ankle, forcing her to drop out of the almost daily ballet classes she had been attending for years to keep her body in shape. Fonda worried that inactivity would make her fat, which she absolutely couldn’t afford during a shoot, so she began researching exercises that would burn calories without straining her ankle. The actress herself has repeatedly told that at that time, barely out of the 80s, gyms were “men’s things” and there were practically no sports disciplines and contexts in which women had a place.

It was then that, on the recommendation of a friend, he discovered Leni Cazden, a sports instructor who developed a new technique known as aerobics. And he loved it. So much so that it would end asocindosis professionally in Cazden and on horseback various gymnasiums in the United States, which, of course, they triumphed instantly with claiming his name. At the same time, he published a book and then came the famous videos that would inspire practically all the gyms in the world. The main idea, the key to the success of “Jane Fonda’s Workout” and all its sequels, was that they were exercises intended (at the time) specifically for women, guided by a woman and able to be performed at home. Jane Fonda’s association with aerobics and fitness has remained forever in the memory of many generations, such was the success of her idea.

Jane Fonda and the Core

Jane Fonda and choreographer JaQuel Knight in the H&M Move video.H&M Moving

Paradigm shift: from ‘sportwear’ to ‘movewear’

H&M Move presents the ‘movewear’ style, which encourages everyone to move, with clothes for men, women and children, designed for jumping, doing push-ups or jumping, among others. The first installment of the collection features a range of essentials including functional tops, lightweight jackets and a wide selection of tights and bras, as well as items specifically designed for training and racing.

At the same time, the collection H&M Move monogram, which is found exclusively online, and it’s the one used by Jane Fonda and the SuperBowl choreographer Jaquel Knight in the campaign video where the actress reflects on her role as an exercise instructor and invites the world to move.

H&M Move is launched in 2,500 stores worldwide and in hm.com/move.

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