Instruments for the optimal preparation of dental prostheses Dental Medical Precision

The ace dentures These are artificial elements that are placed in the oral cavity to replace lost teeth. In this way, it is possible to recover the functionality of the mouth and communication and food intake are facilitated, as well as improving aesthetics.

The dental technician is the professional in charge of the design, manufacture and adaptation of the different dental prostheses and, to carry out his work, he needs specific tools. Dental medical precision takes care of the distribution of all kinds of instruments for the practice of dentistry. On this platform, it is possible to find the instruments necessary for the optimal preparation of dental prostheses.

Tools necessary for the development of dental prostheses

There are a few basic tools for making a dental prosthesis. For example, they highlight impression tray, which are containers specially designed for taking dental impressions. These parts indicate whether the prosthesis is valid in terms of support and function.

Dental Medical Precision also has articulators, parts used in the laboratory to reproduce the patient’s temporomandibular joint. There are different types of articulators and they can be categorized based on fit, accuracy, and model.

Another instrument widely used by the prosthetist is the parallelizer, a manual tool that determines the insertion axis of the prosthesis. This axis is established taking into account the retentive surfaces that must facilitate the maintenance, stability, retention and aesthetics of dental prostheses.

The lecron, on the other hand, is a thin, small and handy metal instrument used for modeling. At one end it contains a small straight blade that ends in a point and at the other end it has a knob. Both ends are heated with fire and used for polishing.

Other utensils needed for making dentures are zhale, waxing knife, brushes, spatulas, mosquito repellent pliers or vernier caliper.

All kinds of dental instruments

To work in the field of dentistry, a wide range of manufactured instruments are needed to perform the treatments. A good option to acquire them is Dental Medical Precision. This company has a wide variety of dental instruments made from stainless steel, the most common material for making these tools. However, tools can also be made from titanium, aluminum, ceramics and other materials. It has in its catalog the various instruments necessary for the manufacture of dental prostheses. In addition, it is possible to obtain these products from a wide variety of brands.

Thanks to Precision Medical Dental, dental centers can acquire all the necessary instrumentation to carry out their professional activity. The company also offers maintenance and repair services for this equipment.

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