how to wear a smart suit

    brad pitt He’s one of those men who, no matter what he wears, is always on our to-do lists. the most elegant at any event or occasion. The actor could easily afford to wear white T-shirts during the day and simple black suits at night and still have a spot on the podium. However, Pitt loves fashion and plays with his image, so with every public appearance he regales us with new outfits and different hairstyles. So we saw him sporting a lush beard with gray hair in sight, he wore a low ponytail at the Oscars and even mingled with looks brides that he had At the level of the wardrobe, we are immensely curious to know the extent of his dressing room, because if there is something that characterizes the actor, it is to have a perfect outfit for every opportunity.

    It is therefore not uncommon to see him one day in ripped jeans, a checked overshirt and sneakers for volunteering, and the next day in a shirt and skirt for a first. Yes, Brad Pitt in a skirt. The actor has no qualms or hesitation when it comes to experimenting with his image and that’s what we see during the promotional tour of Bullet Train, his latest film. To pose in front of the cameras, Pitt lately opts for thin and loose two-piece suits, with original cuts and rarely used fabrics, such as a cotton blazer or a green linen suit, which he has teamed with Adidas sneakers. Gazelle. Are we facing a new fashion after seeing the Adidas by Harry Styles? So you know, if you want dress as stylish as Brad Pitt, Take note of her style lessons and steer clear of classic penguin costumes and lace-up shoes. 2022 is the year you’ll experiment with your wardrobe and we’re not saying it, that’s the word of one of the most stylish men on Earth: Mr. Brad Pitt.

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the green suit

The last see with which Pitt surprised us is this two pieces of thin and loose fabric in an intense green. Judging by the location, Los Angeles, and the fact that it’s August, it’s probably flax. To combine, the actor added a blue shirt and Adidas Gazelle sneakers in yellow and red.


in dark brown

It may look black, but the actor opted for a more original and equally sober alternative color: dark brown. The cut of the jacket, simple and with a single button, contrasts with the wide trousers, very fashionable this season. Instead of adding a shirt or t-shirt, Pitt chose a button-up shirt which he wears quite often lately.


The pajama suit

It’s a suit, yes, but it’s probably more comfortable than many pajamas. This military green cotton two-piece is all you need for work: you’re well dressed but very, very comfortable. To complete the look effortlessthe actor added slippers slip onwithout cords or complications.

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