Hispasat signs a 250 million loan to execute its strategic plan | companies

La compañía española de comunicaciones por satélite Hispasat ha suscrito con un grupo de cinco entidades financiersas integradas por CaixaBank -banco agente de la operación y coordinador de sostenibilidad-, BBVA, Societe Generale, Bankinter y Kutxabank, a credit line for importing hasta 250 millions of euros.

In this way, the company reinforces its liquidity policy and, at the same time, supports the execution of its Strategic Plan 2020-25 regardless of the conditions that the financial markets may present in the short and medium term.

The company, controlled by Redeia (Red Eléctrica), explained that this agreement, which extends and expands the credit line currently in force, makes it possible to adapt the terms of financing to ESG criteria and indicators (Environment, Social and Governance) in accordance with Redeia’s policies in this area.

“This is an important milestone in Hispasat’s strategic sustainability plan, as it is the first ESG financing signed by the company,” the group said. The new line of credit, revolving and multi-currency, extends its maturity date until August 2025, with the possibility of extending it, in annual periods, until August 2027.

Juan Jesús García Chaparro, Economic and Financial Director of Hispasat, said that “in these complex times in international markets, this support from the financial sector for Hispasat is a great sign of confidence in the strength of the company and in its strategic project to move forward in the value chain of satellite services, while we are firmly committed to sustainability and socially responsible actions in the field of our activity”.


As part of the strategic plan, Hispasat has embarked on a process of renewal to move from a simple satellite communications operator to a company providing solutions and services related to these space infrastructures. With this objective, linked to the execution of the 2020-25 Strategic Plan, aimed at making Hispasat a satellite services and solutions company, the company chaired by Jordi Hereu has promoted new acquisitions.

Last March, Hispasat announced in March the acquisition of the company Axess Networks for 112 million euros, 87 million for the price of the shares and the rest for the financial debt. Axess Networks is a telecommunications company specializing in satellite services and solutions for the business market (telcos and large companies) and administrations, with a presence in Latin America (Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Chile) and EMEA (mainly Africa and Middle East).

Hispasat specifies that this operation has made it possible to optimize its offer in segments such as the extension of cellular networks by satellite, connectivity networks for corporate customers or the digitization of remote areas in countries with strong technological backwardness. In addition, the company will promote the development of solutions for emerging markets, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Previously, in 2021, the group had signed an agreement to take over the management and signal transport activity of Media Networks Latin America, a subsidiary of the Telefónica group related to the audiovisual field.


The company maintains the growth path in terms of operations. In 2021, Hispasat recorded a turnover of 181 million euros, which represents an increase of 14.9% compared to that obtained in 2020. At constant scope and isolating the effect of exchange rates, organic business grew by 9% compared to 2020, “a very positive development figure compared to the satellite sector as a whole, which recorded losses in the range of 3%”.

Ebitda stood at €136.2 million, or 14.2% more than in 2020, which represents an operating margin on sales of 75.2%. Likewise, the net result obtained by the company in 2021 was 55.8 million euros, of which 80%, or 44.6 million euros, was distributed as a dividend to its shareholders, led by Redeia .

The company then indicated that with these results, its restructuring was completed and the objectives established in its Strategic Plan 2021-25 were consolidated. According to the company, in line with the defined transformation process, the managed services business, broadband and video, already accounts for nearly 15% of the group’s total turnover, thanks in large part to the contribution of the business acquired for the management and transport of video signals in Latin America.

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