Griezmann appears registered with Barça on the LaLiga website

Failing that the league accepts the controllers and that the five players that the Barça club has recruited so far can be registered (Christensen, Rafina, Blocked, Lewandoski there kessie) as well as the recently renewed Sergi Roberto or the French Dembele with his new contract after finishing on June 30. And it is most striking if we enter at this moment the official page of the League where appear the players who, to date, appear registered in the professional clubs of the first and second division. And where, in the case of Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​there are curious situations. This will change in the coming weeks once the League studies all the information provided by the Barca club.

The truth today is that there are 23 players who appear registered by the Barcelona Football Club. In the goal are Ter Stegen there neto. Eight are the defenders where they are prick, Jordi Alba, Mingueza who has just signed for Celta, Umtiti, Destination, Araujo, Eric Garcia there Moussa Wague.

Screenshot from LaLiga website

Screenshot from LaLiga website

The league

Ferrán appears as a midfielder

Six are the midfielders who currently appear as listed in the center of the field. Begining with Pjanic who has just returned from his mission, so he is on the list. The list is complete Pedri, Nico, Ferran (appearing in the center of the field), Frankie de Jong there Busquets. also disappeared Dembelesince the contract has ended and he will have to be fired again once the new contract is signed.

And as we explained earlier, Sergi Roberto is not there either, who on June 10 signed the extension for an additional season of the contract that expired on June 30. And he must also be registered with the League.

And the most paradoxical is in the lead where the Frenchman appears at the moment Antoine Griezmann given that the transfer request for an additional year by Atlético de Madrid is not yet officially registered. This explains why the striker has been training since last Sunday with Atlético de Madrid, where he is not yet registered for the 2022-2023 season. In this front are also Ansu Fati, Riqui Puig go to the United States, Aubameyang, Memphis, Braithwaite, Manaj and Trincao.

I could have fourteen free chips

At the moment, I would only have two free chips out of 25, which will change since there are five currently registered players who do not appear when updated (Mingueza, Wague, Riqui Puig, Griezmann and Trincao). To this must be added that a destination is sought Umtiti there Braithwaite. This would then amount to keeping fifteen tokens, which would make it possible to record the five signatures in addition to Sergio Robert there Dembele. And you would still have two chips available.

Without counting on the releases also of players like DeJong oh Memphis.

It seems clear that at present there are only eleven “initially” set for xavier where are Ter Stegen, Jordi Alba, Pique, Araujo, Busquets, Pedri, Nico, Pedri, Ferran, Ansu Fati or Aubameyang.

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