faster than competing GPUs in games

Intel It recently launched its ARC graphics cards, although so far we’ve only seen the ARC A380 in the Chinese market. These, unfortunately, barely reach the performance of a GTX-1650 in games, but you have to keep in mind that this is the input range. We now have new evidence showing that the Intel ARC A750 surpasses the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Yet the AMD RX6600XT in Control and other games.

Intel is putting everything to be competitive in the dedicated graphics card market. However, the first tests of its ARC A380 leave something to be desired and it does not perform as expected. Worst of all is the question of Driverswhich are still very green and have a inconsistent performance in some cases. However, we now have a ARC A750 with much more power and which promises a lot, surpassing the competition and at a price of less than 350 euros.

ARC A750 gets more FPS than RTX 3060 and RX 6600 XT in Control

This Intel graphics card not only rivaled the mid-range graphics cards of the two leading companies in the industry, but also exceeded them. And that’s it, the video game served as a reference Control a 1440P con high graphics there Ray Tracing Disabled. The game’s initial level, called “Welcome To The Oldest House”, was used to measure performance. Here the Intel ARC A750 got a maximum of 67 frames per second while the character was not moving, it was the least demanding environment.

Instead, when I used son of jessethe protagonist of Control in the action scenes, falls were observed 58 frames per second using the ARC A750. However, the media of FPS obtained during this short test was 60 frames per second, resulting in better performance than the competition. And that’s it, Wccftech carried out tests with the same graphics configuration and the same level, but using an NVIDIA RTX 3060 and an AMD RX 6600 XT. In fact, they say they did the exact same thing to offer realistic data.

However, they used a Intel Core i9-12900K with memory DDR5 RAM a 6.000MHz, the best on the market. Despite this, the ARC A750 it’s a 15% faster this GeForce RTX 3060 and one 20% faster than the Radeon 6600XT in control. We are therefore talking about figures that coincide with those given by Intel, which you will have seen towards the end of the YouTube video.

Intel ARC GPU outperforms RTX 3060 in games by up to 17%

Intel ARC A750 Superior Gaming Performance RTX 3060

Intel thus shows that its ARC GPU is superior to an RTX 3060 in terms of gaming performance, by comparing the average FPS rate. So these five games they were tested at 1440P resolution and high graphics, as in the previous test with Control and the ARC A750. The equipment used for the tests consists of a i9-12900K, 32 GB by heart DDR5 RAM a 4.800MHz and Windows 11 Pro. Regarding the results, the game that would benefit the most would be F1 2021, seeing an increase in 17% of Average FPS according to RTX-3060.

This is followed by Cyberpunk 2077where the ARC A750 gets a 15% more FPS than the RTX 3060. After it comes Controlwhere the use of an ARC A750 makes it possible to obtain a 14% more performance compared to the RTX 3060. Subsequently, we have Borderlands 3 who appreciates a 13% more FPS compared to the NVIDIA 3060. Finally, we have Fortnite who is the one who benefits the least, since he only gets one 6% more performance than when using a GeForce RTX 3060.

Remember that the Intel ARC A750 will arrive with 3584 heartsclose to 8 GB GDDR6 and a memory interface 256 bit. This would be powered by PCI-Express connectors of 8+6 pinswith a TGP of 225W. A is expected price of $299 to $349 and, therefore, it can be a good option to consider.

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