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After several years of development, finally go to Netflix The SandmanThe expected television adaptation of the acclaimed and convoluted universe created by Neil Gaiman in his DC Comics.

Much of the blame for the delay in the project lies with the complexity of those stories developed by the British author, who also took care of adapting them to the small screen. It is therefore necessary to explain several The keys to keep in mind before facing the series the Netflix.


“After spending years in prison, Morpheus (the King of Dreams) embarks on a journey through different worlds to find what was taken from him and regain his power“, reads the official synopsis for the Netflix series which, in its broadest description, emphasizes that the series “is a mosaic of modern myths and dark fantasy in which current fiction, historical drama and legends are naturally intertwined. . “.

“Series examine places and people affected by Morpheusthe king of dreams, as he tries to make amends for the faults and mistakes he has made during his inconceivably long existenceboth on a cosmic and human level,” the platform points out.


The Sandman comics are with Dream (although he has many other names), a character based on the Greek god Morpheus and who personifies the ability to dream of all beings in the universe. Although it was born when the first forms of life began to dream, its history in the essentials begins at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was captured by a series of black magic occultists.

After having managed to escape, the character played by Tom Sturridge in the series is responsible for control the universe of dreams from his castle, regulate and manipulate dreams of all living beings. To do this, jump through space and time, and draws its strength from three elements: a ruby, a helmet and a bag of sand.


But neither in the comics, nor in the series, the dream is alone. Next to him appear the Eternals, his six brothers: Death, the twins Desire and Despair, Destiny, Delirium, and the prodigal son, Destruction. The first three, at least, They also appear in the television adaptation.

Pale Skin, The Eternals They can change their appearance depending on the being who sees them. Also, like his brother, and to the detriment of how it’s all going to be reflected in the Netflix series, continuously jump in space and time in the plots of Gaiman’s stories.


The Corinthian, who first appeared in The Sandman #10 source material, is a nightmare created by Dream. But, after failing to fulfill its original function and going it alone, the protagonist of The Sandman decided to destroy it.

Later, Sueño rebuilt it with some modifications. Like the rest of the main characters, he can shapeshift, though almost always appears characterized by sunglasses. In Netflix fiction, Corintio is portrayed by Boyd Holbrook (Logan, Narcos).


Another important character in the television adaptation of The Sandman is Lucifer Morningstar, that given its success in staples featured their own spin-off comics.

Exactly, based on these comics, Lucifer He even got a TV series later. which had six seasons and which, starring Tom Ellis, ended last year on Netflix. In the new platform projecthowever, Lucifer is female and is played by Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, Star Was).


The original 75 issues of The Sandman were published by Gaiman between 1989 and 1996, but in 2018and already knowing that his work was going to be adapted as a series, the British author coordinated the release of new stories who finished and brought freshness to the originals.

These stories, written by authors chosen by Gaiman, were collected in various comic book series which started in August 2018 with The Sandman Universe. To the Netflix series, de este modo, will mix old and new clips content, hence also the difficulties that its television adaptation has gone through.


Select issues of The Sandman original series are currently authentic collectiblesbut can be found in the form of books grouped into ten volumes under the title of The Absolute Sandman:

1- Preludes and nocturnes 1-7

2- The dollhouse 8-16

3- Dreamland 17-20

4- Fog season 21-28

5- I play to be you 32-37

6- Fables and Reflections 29-31, 38-40, 50, Special #1

7- Brief Lives 41-49

8- The end of the worlds 51-56

9- The Benevolent 57-69

10- The Vigil 70-75

Other graphic novels and spin-offs from The Sandman universe These are, in addition to those dedicated to Lucifer, Death: the high cost of life, Death: the best of your life, Sandman: Eternal Nights or Sandman: Overture.


The Sandman stories belong to DC Comics and have had multiple connections with this universe. In fact, Gaiman’s mythology and some of his comic book characters, such as Destiny, or the brothers Cain and Abel, had previously been featured in DC projects.

Even two classic franchise superheroes, Wesley Dodds and Hector Hall, had previously appeared in comic books under the Sandman alias. There is also characters from The Sandman who have occasionally appeared in other DC titles, being the most recent Dark Nights: Metal (2017). Sueño interacted with members of the Justice League, with the Swamp Thing or with villains like the Scarecrow.

Along with referencing and including other DC characters in the comics, something that’s very unlikely to happen in the series as the right thereof belongs to Warner, The Sandman is also notable for including too characters from mythology, literature and religion.


The one who will appear is the character of Constantine, the investigator of the occultwho, like Lucifer Morningstar, also had his own fiction series and in The Sandman, she will appear as her female version, Joanna Constantine.

Neil Gaiman included the character of John Constantinepremiered in 1985, in the opening arc of The Sandman, and also created its predecessor, Lady Johanna. Both will be Played in the Netflix series by Jenna Coleman.

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