Epidemiologist José Félix Hoyo, sounding on the measure that monkeypox patients should follow – Television

The Ministry of Health called on the responsibility for go to the doctor to those who have symptoms compatible with the smallpox from monowhich adds 4,577 cases after another 279 were recorded and called on communities to quickly put the vaccineswhose Spain you’ll get 7,000 more this week.

In our country, the vaccination plan against monkeypox consider pre-exposure prophylaxis in people with high-risk and post-exposure practices of close contacts, especially those at high risk of serious illness such as kids, Pregnant e immunocompromised, in addition of personal sanitary and of laboratory that have affected the use of your PPE.

So far, they have been distributed at the request of the communities 5,300 prthe mayor dose of the 11,400 who Spain the acquisition by Hera, the Authority European of preparation and response to health emergencies, in addition to 200 others he purchased from a third State. By the end of the week, Darias said, another 7,000 will arrive. Last Friday, the first death was reported in Spain. This result was triggered by encephalitis associated with infection of monkeypox. The following day, a second death was reported in Córdoba, due to meningoencephalitis caused by the infection.

Epidemiologist José Félix Hoyo, sounding about the measure that monkeypox patients should follow

Faced with this situation, the epidemiologist José Félix Hoyo spoke about the spread of this virus in our Country. According to the expert, sufficient precautions were not taken to Check the bone contacts In Spain. Moreover, “you have to have a lot of caution so that people who are diagnosed benefit from effective isolation and have aptitude stay in your residence “, touched the expert.

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