El Corte Inglés will increase its sustainable offer by at least 5% per year until 2025

MADRID, 4 years ago. (EUROPA PRESS) –

El Corte Inglés plans to increase its sustainable offer by at least 5% every year until 2025, as reported by the group, which achieved this objective in the 2021 financial year, increasing its commercial proposal for sustainable products .

In total, the company had a total of 122,329 sustainable SKUs for sale at the end of fiscal 2021, both own brands and external brands.

The sustainability attributes accepted by El Corte Inglés are included in the Guide to Sustainable Products for Buyers and Suppliers, produced by the Corporate Sustainability Department in collaboration with the Purchasing and Sourcing Departments and specialized external entities, in accordance with the internal sustainability criteria, and presented to the various interlocutors of the stakeholder working group.

Likewise, El Corte Inglés bundles its sustainable offer through the four programs designed in the El Corte Inglés Sustainable Product Guide: Local Produce, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, Sustainable Origin and Closing the Loop.

The company recalled that to achieve these objectives, it works in two ways: with its own brand, taking into account the different requirements envisaged in the Sustainable Product Guide, and with external brands, aligning its own strategies with the priorities. of the company. .

In this sense, El Corte Inglés received the MSC Sustainable Fishing Trajectory award in recognition of its efforts to increase the supply of certified sustainable fishing, while in perfumery and beauty, the new “Clean Beauty” line stands out, under which sustainable, natural and not tested on animals brands of cosmetics.

In addition, the group has made new advances in the field of animal welfare in response to the growing awareness of the living conditions of animals. Thus, the company has fulfilled the commitment to abandon the marketing of fast-growing private label fresh chicken. Thus, 100% of the current supply of this type of chicken comes from breeds that are slow growing and with animal welfare certification.

The company is working with its suppliers to achieve, by the end of 2026, the goals of this commitment in all of its private label offerings (whether fresh, frozen or processed chicken) containing 50% or more of a chicken ingredient.

Regarding fresh cage-free eggs, the company already respects the commitment that 100% of its own brand eggs come from cage-free hens and mixed systems (floor, free-range or organic). Currently, 100% of the own-brand eggs that you market and serve in your cafeterias and restaurants carry animal welfare certifications.

Additionally, by 2025, they have extended this commitment to third-party branded fresh eggs and all own-brand products that contain fresh eggs as an ingredient.

On the other hand, it proceeded to incorporate the animal welfare certificate into its own brand of white pork sausage (cured ham, sausages, cooked ham and others). This seal is already introduced in 35% of references and will reach 50% during the first quarter of the new year.

In fiscal year 2021, the commitment was made to certify El Corte Inglés fresh fish counters in 2022, in accordance with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) chain of custody standard.

El Corte Inglés recalled that all these actions are part of its commitment to link with society and the environment, as well as in the spirit of proximity that it maintains with the concerns of citizens.

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