Diuretic foods: vegetables and fruits

The human body is a complex machine which is made up of different organs, where each performs a key function, such as kidneys. It is a pair of vital organs responsible for filtering the blood to remove toxins, salts and fluids that the body no longer needs. And where does all this come from? Through urine, called diuresis.

To optimize the process, some can be ingested diuretic foods frequently. this will help eliminate waste much faster, have a greater frequency of urination and, in addition, a better nutritional intake.

5 Diuretic Foods You Can Eat Daily


Refreshing to accompany breakfast. One of the most remarkable properties of this fruit is that it is rich in antioxidants and is composed of 90% water, which makes it ideal as a diuretic. In addition, its low sodium content reduces the risk of kidney disease.


Roasted, stuffed, in sauce or with potatoes, they are all good for your health and can be part of your diet to improve your health. These vegetables are purifying par excellence because they contain cynarin, a substance responsible for stimulating bile secretion and protecting the liver against excess fat. In addition, they act as a powerful diuretic.


But not in a Bloody Mary. In reality, eat garlic in salads or soups will bring benefits to your health thanks to its essential oil which acts as a natural vasodilator of the kidneys and this directly induces an increase in urination and the elimination of toxins. Especially its anti-inflammatory properties.


Whether with raisins or fresh grapes or syrup, the meals are so perfect. Its electrolytic properties, thanks to the potassium and water content of grapes, make it a healthy option to improve kidney function. Among its benefits, it is attributed the improvement of blood circulation and that they can be a source of energy, without forgetting their satiating effect.


The comb is not only used for face masks. Is also a natural diuretic thanks to its silicon content, a mineral capable of removing excess uric acid from the kidneys. It is not for nothing that cucumber is used as an ally for the beauty of the skin, because silicon is a mineral balancer and boosts the production of collagen.


This valuable vegetable has antioxidant properties and contributes to the disappearance of anemia thanks to its high iron content. It is a natural laxative and vasodilator, which improves kidney function. It is also good for fighting stress and as a relaxant.

All these foods are versatile in the kitchen, they make it easier for us to prepare different dishes, many ideas to put into practice.

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