David Flores Carrasco confirms what others are insinuating about Olga Moreno’s health

David Flores Carrasco He didn’t give credit for having his other mother give a free exclusive to one of the most recognized gossip publications. We talked about the interview that Olga gave to the magazine Hiand throwing juicy headlines on the current life of Antonio David’s ex.

Among other topics, he talks about how he feels after seeing his breakup on TV. In addition to being questioned about this supposed affair with her representative, or about the summer she lives with those who love her the most.

David Flores Carrasco I expected her to answer like that when they asked her how it felt to see her ex kiss Marta Riesco. A compromising question to which the ex of Antonio David was able to answer without hesitation.

Capture of Olga Moreno during the final debate of 'Survivors 2022'

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“Nothing, zero. Before it hurt me, but not anymore,” says Moreno, opening up on the channel, without charging anything, for an exclusive that would be worth thousands of euros. The truth is that the protagonist of the day does not usually make this type of statement without receiving anything in return.

David Flores Carrasco is saddened by revealing his worst moment

Olga isn’t shy about talking about the ordeal she’s been going through lately and is more candid than usual in revealing her worst moment. “I’ve had such a bad time all this time that now I’m happy to see myself as I am,” he says.

He says he hasn’t talked about how the divorce will be with his ex and the possible marriage of the former civil guard with his girlfriend. “Antonio come and tell me and we will act accordingly. There is no problem whatsoever,” he said.

Olga Moreno


He also mentions the fact that he does not have in mind to return to television. Let’s remember that his last controversy over Telecinco was the veto he signed in his contract not to coincide with Jorge Javier. And he waived giving the check to the winner of Survivors 2022as the previous winner of the aforementioned reality show.

Did you find love in your representative, Agustín Etienne?

Regarding the rumor that would link her to her agent, Olga Moreno does not care. “I don’t have to hide, it’s a lie”, the mother-in-law of David Flores Carrasco.

What Olga really wants is to live every day with all the excitement in the world. And after parting with her husband, she has already begun to see the light and enjoy the summer. “I go out with my friends and girlfriends and I have a great time,” he admits.

Of course, the interviewee doesn’t want to know anything about boyfriends, just yet. “I’m not for boyfriends. Which I was missing,” although his surroundings revealed he had an “unimportant” history.

Augustin Etienne


But the truth is that she doesn’t want a formal relationship. “I hope that a new love will not enter my life”, admits the Sevillian.

The interviewer, aware of the rumor that many know about the whereabouts of the winner of Survivors 2021, emphasizes that she looks happy. And so he lets you know.

“You seem livelier than other times,” he blurts out to Lola’s mother. However, Olga is still in her thirteenth year and does not want to deepen her love. “I’m super talented, but that doesn’t mean I fell in love,” she admits. But without confirming at all that a man stole her heart.

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We will see how long Olga will continue without an official partner. And all this after this free interview in which he does not want to say more than he should about his private life.

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