Chimy Ávila: “I asked to leave Osasuna”

The Chimy Avila he confessed last night on the show The spar of the Ser chain hard times he went through a year ago for controversy generated by a photo with a shirt where the leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, appeared. Argentinian thought about leaving Osasuna. “No one knows, only my family. I had nights to shed a tear. You didn’t know where you were going. Me, if I had really wanted to show the photo of the jersey, I stand straighter so that the photo is visible. The first time I went out on the pitch with an audience and my family was there, I played hard but the truth is that it hurt me a lot (part of the stands whistles at him and asks him to leavea). I spoke with my wife and my agent. I told him to talk to the leaders to get out of the club. But one day, I sat down, made my companion and said: because I have to go? If I leave, I’m okay with those people who don’t believe or trust me. I said: I stand here. I will stand by my word, which is the truth and always will be. First. I dropped out of school in seventh grade. Second. I am paid to play football, not to defend politics. Politics don’t interest me and never will.. I don’t sit on a bench to defend left, right or centre. No. I defend football and I defend my team”.
Months later came the renewal. “I am very happy to health. Happy for the fans who came to chant my name when there were people whistling at me. You keep the beautiful things, like the boys who stop me in the street. And a lot of things I’ve done for people, asking the club not to show any videos because I do it from the heart. When it came time to sit down to negotiate, I told my agent that my priority was Osasuna. I owe a lot to all these people when in reality I was sunk.

He was also questioned about his desire to play with the Spanish team. “I would like Argentina as an Argentinian. We know that there are good players and that things are complicated. But I am sincere. When I arrived in Huesca and Pamplona, ​​I learned to live without fear. I learned to leave my daughter alone to walk the square. I learned to be happy here. I am a grateful person. If I have to go, I would appreciate everything they gave for me. If I have to go, I’ll do it as if it were my Argentina”.

Chemistry faces a exciting season with Osasuna. “Since I arrived in Osasuna, each year is more difficult. As things are done well, you go higher and higher, and each season you have to surpass the previous one. The first objective is to save you. Then we’ll see how far we go.”

Finally, in the interview they talked about his brother Gastón, central defender, but the red and white striker discovered the next in the saga. “The best among the brothers is the one who plays pivot. He is 15 years old and has the opportunity to come to Spain and try. His name is Franco Ariel Avila“.

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