Businesses of yesteryear that marked an era in the capital of Gran Canaria

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It is not difficult to look back to realize the changes the city has undergone, but in this article we will open
the memory box for
resort some of the best known and most memorable shops in the capital of Gran Canaria.

We have to go back several decades to recall some of them. we show you
a listfrom small premises to large establishments.

Morales Patisserie

Images provided by Don José Luis Morales Torres.

Mythical, traditional and innovative company that has remained for
three generations made up of: Don Manuel Morales Suárez (its founder in 1930), Don José Luis Morales Torres and Don Fernando Morales Doreste. Were
well known for the high quality of its products and its raw materials, including San Marcos, cream sneakers, puff pastries and its delicious croissants.

They started their journey in the vicinity of
Vegeta, then opening another store in Viera y Clavijo street, in the Triana district.

“During the post-war period, people bought us black cakes, because they were cheap and you could have dinner with a glass of milk. Our company motto was:
if you work try to be the besthe recalls wistfully
Don Jose Luisson of the founder, who at more than 80 years old, unfortunately and to his great regret, confesses that due to the economic crisis and strong competitors, they had to close the company at the end of the last decade.

Cardona Warehouses

Located in Triana, it was one of
first shopping malls from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He started his journey at the beginning of
quarantine in the street of San Pedro, as a traditional clothing store, later transferred to Triana (1950), in the center of the city,
surprise closure in 1995. For several generations it has been part of the commercial life of this city.


Reference of the
nocturnal leisure in the capital of Gran Canaria since the early 1980s. It started as a grill restaurant on Calle Venegas and little by little it became a space for
live concerts and a meeting point for
gatherings with good background music. In 1994 it was moved to Cuesta de San Pedro and after three decades of history
in 2013 it closed.

Galaxy and Royal Multiplexes

galaxys opened on July 24, 1985 in Mesa y López, becoming the first multiplex in Gran Canaria, with the
Royal (which changed typology this same year). Their
first big first It was that of the movie “Witness”, with Harrison Ford as the protagonist. It had six rooms with simultaneous films and a heterogeneous offer (films in original version and thematic cycles).
they will be remembered for its uncomfortable and rigid seats.

avalanche of openings cinemas in shopping centers caused the closure of The Royal in 2006 and in October 2007 it was followed by Galaxy’s.

The street

Who doesn’t remember the queues and lines of people waiting to eat at this vanished
free buffetlocated on Tomás Miller Street.

The Gran Buffet Grill “La Strada” restaurant was opened in 1975 near Paseo de Las Canteras, becoming a
regular meeting point for meetings, large events or typical Sunday family meals. Its price was 600 pesetas and you could eat by the piece.


Founded in 1933 by
Don Pedro Arencibia Baezthis store has sold
fabrics and confections to many generations of Canarians and customers from all over the world on Calle Mayor de Triana, number 66.
The descendants They succeed Don Pedro Arencibia, maintaining the business and expanding, with premises in Francisco Gourié Street and a warehouse in Salinetas. Because of
changing market trends and the competition was scheduled to end in March 2020.

Clubs Cup and Zorba’s

Although we all have a local
nocturnal leisure from memory, these two represented the fate of night owls for a large majority in the
80s and 90s. The Cupé was located on Nicolás Estévanez Street near Paseo de Las Canteras and was a meeting point and
fun for decades. Zorba’s nightclub has been a reference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since its opening in the summer of 1986 until its closure.

Supermarkets Cruz Mayor

It was one of the most popular establishments of the time. It was created in the 70s by the famous Canarian businessman
Don Antonio Cross Major Clothingmaking the family business in the commercial distribution sector one of the most important in the Canary Islands,
make history with 25 supermarkets under his responsibility, in 1996 the brand was sold to Pío Coronado, now Grupo HD.

Popular gallery

Department stores originating from Calle Preciados in the heart of Madrid,
opened its headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1977. Located in the most commercial part of Mesa y López, in front of the El Corte Inglés building, it was the
first big spanish channel distribution, a set
referent in Gran Canaria. Competition and mismanagement put an end to this mercantile empire. It disappeared in 1995 after declaring itself in receivership and having been bought by its direct competitor El Corte Inglés.

The soul of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is
full of experiences and moments promotions in those shops, stores, cinemas, supermarkets and many other spaces that have helped transform the city into what it is today. Nail
retrospective visit to establishments of
our childhood Is that our memory is agitated and that a feeling of nostalgia invades us. Good time !

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