Boullier defends Alonso’s ‘team destroyer’ accusations

    Fernando Alonso is one of the most successful drivers in Formula 1 history, but he is also one of the most controversial. It will be the sixth team of his long career and the eighth time he has changed, repeating twice at McLaren and Renault. Several former drivers and former teammates, including Felipe Massa, whom the Asturian dropped in each of the seasons they shared a garage at Ferrari, have commented that Fernando can break the atmosphere at Aston Martin when he arrives in 2023.

    Boullier positions himself in favor of Alonso

    Maybe the Brazilian is still locked out because he couldn’t approach the double world champion. These words of Massa are accepted and approved by several representatives of F1, who have built a reputation and an image of the Spaniard as a “team destroyer”, which is not the case. And after the Hungarian GP, ​​a former boss, Eric Boullier, came forward to defend Alonso from an image he doesn’t deserve. “I don’t know why this reputation for destruction has developed. He was never a team destroyer. He has a real team spirit, but not always with the pilot on the other side of the garage“, he confessed to GP Racing.

    According to Boullier, Alonso approaches his teammates in two ways. Either they are a source to work with and have work for him, or they are the enemy. “You work well in an environment where you are number 1 and you have a number 2 who can help you and you can work together. When I was with Jenson Button, they were smart enough to understand and respect each other. With Stoffel, he could use Vandoorne’s comments to his advantage, and so the relationship worked. “If you can’t use a driver to your advantage, that person becomes an enemyhe added.

    The Frenchman considers him the best team builder of all time. “ANDHe is a great competitor, he is focused on himself but wants to include everyone around him to win. Fernando reads every detail. He’s hiding in his locker room and you’d think he’s relaxed, but most of the time he’s working.”

    He is obsessed with every detail, a perfectionist and wants to be the best at everything. “He’s been studying the tire wear of all the rival cars around him since practice on Friday, and on Sunday he knows which opponents to fight and which to keep his distance. As you race, absorb even more detail on spectator screens and use that information to gain the advantage. He is incredibly strong strategically“, revealed.

    Alonso several times for another engineer. “He is one of those drivers who masters all the technical aspects of the car. He’s not an engineer, but he understands how systems work and gives advice on how to make them work better, without trying to redesign them himself; the difference is small but important“, concluded the one who was the boss of Alonso at McLaren-Honda between 2015 and 2018.

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