Apple confirms that the iPhone 14 Pro will integrate one of the most requested screen features

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The new lock screen hides a feature that will delight lovers of Apple’s flagship device.

Was a secrets for youalready advanced in the latest generations of Apple Watch, but it seems to be confirmed that the Always on screen will arrive at new generation of Apple phonesabout which, by the way, we have already told you about what to do if windows does not recognize them. It should be remembered that this functionality, which is only possible in these screens with technology LTPO which enable change refresh rateis used to continue showing true on-screen information of the device, but with the consequent energy savings of not having to turn the screen on and off to consult the information displayed on it. Some Twitter userslike the one we show you below, they confirmed that the permanent display is a reality on iOS16.

A step closer to the always-on display, a novelty that has been present in the Android ecosystem for years

It is normal to say that a multitude of iOS features are acquired from androidthe opposite case is also common and offers curiosities such as have iPhone emojis on Android to use them on WhatsApp and other social networks, and this seems to be one of them. The culprit of this leak was the Xcode 14 betain information collected by MacRumorswhich showed how this Apple development environment adds a new feature. this feature remove some widget details from the lock screen, as you can see in the Tweeter that we show you under these lines.

It seems that the new Featurewhich was also observed in the code of the latest iOS 16 betawill include a state called sleep and what would cause the wallpaper that we have selected change when the always-on display is working. The background would become darker and the bright colors would fadein what could be a measure to reduce battery consumption.

Image of what the always-on screen would look like on the iPhone 14

Image of what the always-on screen would look like on the iPhone 14. Twitter

Rumors also claim that this Feature of the screen would be exclusive new models iPhone 14 Pro‌ y ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Maxsince these terminals would integrate the type of screen necessary to make this energy saving effective, with soda prices which would vary between skipthe minimum possible for widgets, notifications, date and time to be visible, and the 120Hz. There are a few weeks left to see the next generation of iPhone, but it seems that we know more and more clearly what Apple devices will offer us.

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