All about Raquel Lozano, the new illusion of Omar Sánchez

Omar Sanchez He has taken another step which shows that he is forgetting Anabel Pantoja. The former competitor of ‘survivors‘ is careful, but yes He admitted he was meeting Raquel Lozano put aside speculation or rising rumors that have swirled around them. The young woman who rose to prominence on ‘Big Brother 16’ and then took part in ‘GH Duo’ has a lot of history behind her, even though she was away from television for a while.

Without wanting to put a name to hisbut specify that he is interested in the influencer of Cáceres, El Negro could have found a new illusion thanks to Raquel Lozano, whose television career is known, but all that he has done behind the scenes is more unknown.

Raquel Lozano could be the one chosen for Omar Sánchez to believe in love again. The young woman who rose to fame in the world of television in 2015 thanks to her participation in ‘GH 16’ knows very well what it’s like to be in the middle of a love triangle. The woman from Cáceres lived her particular soap opera in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra with Suso Álvarez and Sofía Suescun, although the one with whom she had a relationship outside of this television experience was with Fede Rebecchi, whom she had to meet later on ‘GH Duo’.

Successful influencer (account on his Instagram profile with more than 195,000 subscribers), Raquel Lozano knew how to reinvent herself during these years after these media breaks and reinvent herself completely. The best example is on her own networks where the former ‘GH’ contestant showed some of the advertising campaigns in which you have participatedas well as the happiness that his family life gives him.

Raquel Lozano, the new illusion of Omar Sánchez (Nuria Marín)

Raquel Lozano, the new illusion of Omar Sánchez

Away from television, Omar Sánchez’s new illusion has had time for many things. Physiotherapist by professionthe former “GH” contestant also has many other concerns: fashion is her other great passion and it shows in his networks where he indiscriminately wears all kinds of clothes that are all the rage among his followers. Although in her profile she describes herself as a physiotherapist, the Extremadurian is more of an “it girl” and is in contact with several brands.

Among many other things she did when she was away from television, Raquel Lozano was an entrepreneur in her own clothing store (Byraquelozano) where she sold bikinis, swimsuits, jewelry and accessories. other props and before her television career, she made the leap to the world on politics.

The former contestant of ‘GH’ He was part of the ranks of the People’s Party in his hometown, Moraleja in the electoral list of the former mayor and candidate Pedro Caselles. What he did not imagine was that this adventure would have a very short duration because from now on he would enter the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.

When it looked like he was not going to return to television (there is little memory of this media scene in his networks), Raquel Lozano returned to the limelight to become Omar’s new illusion Sanchez. Only time will tell if they give friendship, they now have a new name.

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